Training On Biodiversity Inclusive ESIAs For The Hydropower Sector In Armenia
02 Feb, 2019

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, EBRD held Hydropower training event at Hyatt Place Hotel Yerevan and delivered by Golder in partnership with Fishtek, and TBC.

The objectives of these workshops are to enable participants to both acquire technical understanding of the issues, and to adopt specific behavioural skills for decision making, collaborating with different stakeholders, and working as part of integrated teams.

This training was managed by three experts with very interactive method to keep attendees engaged and active.

Golder Associates UK Ltd. (Golder) is supporting the EBRD by developing and delivering sector capacity building training specifically targeted at developing biodiversity inclusive Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) for the hydropower sector.


The course aimed to raise awareness of the following topics:

  • International Finance Institution (IFI) Biodiversity specific legislation and/or conventions;
  • Hydropower Good Industry Practices and Initiatives, with an emphasis on biodiversity inclusive ESIAs;
  • The Mitigation Hierarchy, Strategic Catchment Planning, Biodiversity Offsets, Ecological Flows and fish migration;
  • Management of biodiversity Issues specific to the Hydropower sector.

During this training, panelists discussed the positives and the negatives of hydropower stations.

They tackle the importance of preserving the environment:

How to build the reservoirs?

How to protect the endangered species and the fishing life?

How to apply the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in Hydro Projects?

The trainees told that for any project granted by EBRD it should meet EU standards even if in some countries this standard is not compatible with the legislation in the given country.


At the end, they brought a scenario and ask the presence by groups to discuss where the best place the hydropower should be built. A lot of examples for different kind of hydropower stations were given during this fruitful training.


The training was conducted by experts in EBRD requirements and focused on practical case-studies from EBRD-financed projects in the region.

As per EIH's Director General, Mr. Armen Petrosyan: "this was a very useful training taking into account the Shnogh Hydroelectric Project-related ESIA Study which the Holding is to embark later in 2019."

As per Armenia Energy News Consultant, Mr. Hayrabed Ekmekdjian: "We learned through this training the importance of the hydropower for the Armenian economic sector, but it is also important that this development is carried out sustainably. Our priority is to ensure that despite the vast environmental and social challenges we face, we are able to support the development of infrastructure that is environmentally, socially, culturally and economically viable."

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