Time to Shine: The potential for Solar Energy in Armenia is More Than Great!
11 Feb, 2019

Expert: Armenia has great potential in solar power production, consumption


Armenia has great potential in production and consumption of solar power, expert Mariam Meyroyan said at a press conference on Saturday.


In her words, over the past few years, the interest of investors in this domain has grown several times.

Meyroyan stressed that the use of solar energy is more convenient for Armenia's provinces where natural gas pipelines have not been installed in full.


"A full transition to solar power [in Armenia] for economic needs will cost close to US$10 thousand," she added, in particular.


Expert Yuri Kamoyevich, for his part, noted that solar power system can be effective in Armenia in winter as well, since photovoltaic power stations only need sunlight.


"Taking into account that sunny days in Armenia are a lot, that energy can be accumulated and the reserve can be uses on foggy days," the expert explained.


Electricity generation at Armenia's solar power plants increased by 48 times


A total of 7 105.4 million kilowatt-hours of electricity were generated in Armenia in January-November 2018, up by 2.4% to compare with productions volumes of 2017, Armenia's National Statistical Service (NSS) reported.


According to the NSS figures, in 2017 the electricity generation at hydro power plants grew by 27.8%, amounting to 3 179.6 million kilowatt-hours, while at thermal power plants - 34.8 million kilowatt-hours which is 43.2% increase against the volumes of 2017.


In the indicated period, Armenia's Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) produced 1 787.1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, securing a 23.9% rise over 2017. Electricity production volumes at hydropower plants cut down by 10.8%, totaling to 30.6 million kilowatt-hours.


To note, electricity generation at Armenia's solar power plants made up 4.8 million kilowatt-hours in January-November 2018, increased by 48 times to compare with previous year volumes while production volumes at wind power plants cuts down by 17.6% amounting 1.4 million kilowatt-hours.

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