The Renewable Energy Producers Association of Armenia Is Alerting About Negative Impact of Small Hydropowers
25 Feb, 2019

The Renewable Energy Producers Association of Armenia complained in a statement last week about "obstacles and illegal actions" caused by officials, warning also about a looming crisis that may hit small hydropower plants of the country.

Roman Melikyan, executive director of the NGO "Association of Renewable Energy Sources in Armenia", presented on 2018 the results of his research in the activities of small hydropower stations and efficient use of water resources in the Ministry of Nature Protection.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Water protection, during the meeting the parties discussed issues related to the law in the sphere of management of water resources, gaps in the sphere of regulating water use.

According to the opinion of the experts, the introduction of new small hydropower plants in operation will negatively affect the water resources of Armenia. So an ecologist, a specialist in water resources, Ph.D.  Knarik Hovhannisyan believed that in reality HPPs are the most environmentally safe energy sources, since only thermal pollution occurs. However, according to the ecologist, violation of the rules for the installation and operation of small hydropower plants leads to harmful consequences, down to the depletion of water resources. At the same time, Hovhannisyan stated the need to develop a methodology for operating hydroelectric power stations and expressed the hope that this would at least somehow improve the situation in this area.

For now, the Association said these concerns were conveyed by the chairman of the Association Roman Melikyan to Bella Andriasyan, who is chief coordinator of projects financed by the German KfW bank in Armenia. 

According to the statement, Bella Andriasyan, sharing the concern of the Association, expressed readiness to look deeper into the problem. The parties were said to have agreed to include these issues in their cooperation agenda.

Arka news agency contacted the State Committee for Water Management for comments, presenting the arguments voiced by Bella Andriasyan. The head of the Water Supply and Drainage System Department of the Committee, Armen Sergoyan, requested confirmation of the mentioned facts saying they need also a written request for comments.

Note that on January 29, 2019, EBRD held Hydropower event at Hyatt Place Hotel Yerevan in the particiaption of Armenia Energy News consultant when the objectives was to enable participants to both acquire technical understanding of the issues, and to adopt specific behavioural skills for decision making; in this workshop, the experts were noticed about the negative impact of the small hydropower implementation that affect on the water resources of Armenia.

For now concerned people is waiting the decision by Armenians energy officials as well as the cabinet about the future of the implementation of the small hydropower plants in the country.

Sources: ArmInfo - AENMP

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