17 Dec, 2018
Armenia has climbed 9 notches to rank 43rd in the World Energy Trilemma Index 2018, produced by the World Energy Council (WEC) in partnership with Oliver Wyman, Armenia's Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources said. The index ranks 125 countries' energy performance based on global and national data on three factors: energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability. The report says Armenia is strengthening regional energy ties with its neighboring countries the Islamic republic of Iran and Georgia. It is building a [...]
14 Nov, 2018
The Energy Week Armenia 2018 three-day investment forum kicked off in Yerevan on November 14.The organizers are the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund of Armenia and Invest In Network, while over 300 representatives of foreign and local government agencies, the private sector, international organizations, investors, diplomatic corps, and experts take part in the event.The aim of the forum is to present latest developments in the renewable energy area in Armenia as well as investment opportunities, technologies, engineering solutions and [...]
01 Nov, 2018
- Pashinyan is confident renewable energy will develop soon in Armenia with new pace.- China National Electric Engineering Company (CNEEC) sees prospects for development of renewable energy in Armenia.- EBRD gave US$ 12.5 million as loan to Ameriabank to benefit Green businesses and opportunities.- Energy Week Armenia 2018 - The high-level platform to discuss new opportunities for the renewable energy in Armenia.It's ruled out that no sector will develop in Armenia in the next five years due to energy deficit, [...]
22 Oct, 2018
Energy Week Armenia 2018 is organized by Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund (R2E2) and Invest In Network, under the auspices of the Government of RA to demonstrate prospects of the country's energy sector and to unlock the potential of international cooperation. It will serve as a high-level platform to discuss new opportunities as well as challenges faced by the energy sector of Armenia. Energy Week Armenia aims also to work with national stakeholders and the private sector in order to [...]
18 Oct, 2018
Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has signed a decision, according to which the Nuclear Energy Safety Council will be established adjunct to the PM. As per the decision, this council will be set up based on the requirements for safe operation of the operating unit of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, and the need for nuclear energy development and construction of a new nuclear power unit in Armenia. Miroslav Lipar will be appointed the chairman of this council, and Vahram Petrosyan its [...]
27 Sep, 2018
Being one of the very few remaining sectors that has the potential to support the growth of the Armenian economy, oil and gas can provide unparalleled opportunities for security of power supply, development of local industry and infrastructure, growth of small and medium sized enterprises, job opportunities for Armenian youths and specialists in the country or in diaspora, as well as an increase in foreign and local direct investments that will trigger a positive domino effect, allowing for cross-sectoral strategic [...]
26 Sep, 2018
Interest in the construction of large wind farms is growing very fast from year to year in Armenia when the development of renewable energy sources is of primary importance for the new cabinet as well as for the public sector and stockholders. This business or sector attracts many international company as well as their countries. The ministry of energy infrastructures and natural resources has reached agreements with a number of foreign companies on constructing wind power stations, aka wind farms, in [...]
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