03 Aug, 2018
Nikol Pashinyan tasks to inventorize all suspicious and problematic obligations in the energy sectorArmenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has chaired a consultation on the prospects of development and ongoing projects of the energy system of Armenia."The energy system and its significance is hard to overestimate," he said."Basically energy is greatly transforming in the modern world and we must be able to clearly understand and evaluate our actions in these transformations and in its context, in order to comply our energy [...]
26 July, 2018
The students of Armath Engineering Laboratories will represent Armenia at the First Global Challenge - an annual international robotics olympics - in Mexico on August 16-18. Executive Director of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) Karen Vardanyan, Ucom General Director Hayk Yesayan and head of IT and Automation Department at Ameriabank Shavarsh Voskanyan broke the news to the media on Thursday, July 26. According to Vardanyan, Armath students have accumulated excellent knowledge in the field of robotics and can [...]
26 July, 2018
Armenia is now working to extend its nuclear power plant's operation life, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pahsinyan said Wednesday in an interview with Echo of Moscow.  He said it is very important to Armenia to have atomic energy.  "Today we hope to extend the operation life of our nuclear power plant to 2040 and to try to build a new plant before that," he said.  Pashinyan expressed hope for Russia's support in the construction of a new nuclear plant stressing [...]
01 July, 2018
VivaCell-MTS has installed a new base-transceiver station on Mount Dahnak, providing cellular and Internet connection in over 80% of the area of the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge and the Khosrov Forest State Reserve. The project was implemented in collaboration with the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets. The newly installed station will allow for a shorter response time in case of emergencies, especially during fires, and will enable the installation of IP and GPS state-of-the-art cameras for the [...]
27 June, 2018
The issue of development of renewable energy, which is always topical for Armenia, has recently received a new sound. Representatives of the European Union and the United States started to declare their readiness to assist Armenia in implementing projects in this sphere especially after the Velvet Revolution and all the significant steps and appropriate actions of fighting corruption.   According to numerous of scientific explorations, Armenia possesses a great potential for the development of solar energy. In order to create an attractive milieu for the investors, in recent period of [...]
22 June, 2018
Electricity Consumption:After discussions with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Tashir Group of Companies has decided to provide partial compensation for energy consumption to socially disadvantaged families in the amount of ADM 10 for each kWh of electricity.According to a statement by the company, the compensation will be provided for a monthly threshold of up to 250 kWh.The subsidy, according to Tashir, will be allocated from the company's own funds and is set to cover the 25-30% of energy costs of low-income [...]
18 June, 2018
TEHRAN (Mehr News Service) - Chief Executive of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) Hamid Reza Araghi said that Iran's gas export volume to Armenia will increase in the current year. Iran and Armenia signed a barter gas and electricity contract in 2004, according to Araghi. "Under the deal, it was stipulated that one million cubic meters of gas will be exported to Armenia daily," Araghi said. It was agreed that Iran's gas export volume to Armenia and also dispatch of electricity [...]
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