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How to File an Insurance Claim For Roof Repair

Mar 25

How to File an Insurance Claim For Roof Repair

Nervousness can set in when you file an insurance claim to repair your roof. There are many stories about how difficult it can be for insurance adjusters to handle your entire claim. This can also happen if you do not report the damage correctly. If your policy covers the damage, this is the best option. Sometimes it's better to fix the damage yourself and not risk your insurance. A professional roofer can evaluate the roof of your home and provide you with an estimate on whether or not your insurance company will cover repairs.

These tips will assist you in obtaining coverage for as little damage as possible.

Tip 1: Document the Causes of Your Roof Damage

Roof damage often occurs during a storm. Make sure to take pictures or make notes about the time and place of the storm. The most important photos you can take are those that show the damage. These include missing or rumpled roofing shingles and wet spots on the ceiling. You can also take photos of hailstones next to coins or tape measure. Take photos of fallen trees, damage to your car or siding. Also, ask your neighbors for permission to take pictures of their homes damaged.

Photographs with the date and time stamps are best. This proves that the storm happened on a particular day. It is also supported by local weather reports. This is the kind of evidence insurance companies struggle to discredit. In fact, they will be more accurate if you include them in your claim.

Even if you don’t see any damage immediately it is a good idea for you to take a few photos during storms. A water leak will give you a better chance to prove your claim.

Tip #2 - Determine the Roof Damage Covered by Your Insurance Policy

Every homeowner insurance policy is not created equal. What kind of damage does your policy cover? It's up to you to review it. Unfortunately, insurance coverage doesn't work the same way as maintenance plans. Even if you don't have a catastrophe, you might still need a replacement roof. The average shingles last 30 years. This means that there is a high chance of damage. The situation will determine whether it is enough to warrant a complete roof replacement or if you should file a claim.

Remember that roof maintenance is an important part of insurance coverage. This is the main reason insurance companies won't pay for repairs. The insurance company may consider that your roof is at risk if you ignore cracked or curling shingles, missing underlayment, damaged underlayment, or rusty gutters. This situation can be helped by a professional company, which can evaluate the damage done to other homes in the area.

Tip 3: Hire a contractor for a roof repair estimate

Before you submit an insurance claim for roof damage, it is crucial to get in touch with a professional roofing company. They will be able to help you determine the exact cost of repair. Insurance companies often undercut consumers and provide just enough money to replace your roof. An estimate may help to speed up the claims process and prevent unreasonable restrictions.

You might find your local area crowded with scammers after a storm or amateur roofing contractors. Make sure you're not asking for a quote and signing a contract. Before signing any documents, read all the fine print.

Tip #4 - Consider whether an insurance claim should be filed for repairs

Although a complete roof replacement may cost more than $20,000, not all roofing repairs in Mesa can be as costly. A $3,000 patch job or partial replacement might not be worth the effort. These are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • The amount of your personal deductible
  • The total cost of repairs
  • Regardless of whether you've ever filed claims before

You should be able, theoretically, to file a claim when your home is in need of repairs. This applies only if your policy covers them. You should not make too many claims, as it could raise red flags with your insurance provider. Worse still, your claims history may be recorded in a national database. This could lead to new insurance companies refusing to cover you or charging you outrageous rates. Experts suggest that repairs be paid out of pocket until the $5,000 mark.



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