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7 reasons to remove a rotting stump from a tree

Mar 26

7 reasons to remove a rotting stump from a tree

You might think that a stump from a dead tree after pruning is a sign of a job well done. It's not.

Problem is, a rotting stump of a tree can soon take on its own life and create serious problems at ground-level that you didn't plan for.

We explain the dangers of leaving tree stumps unattended after tree surgery in Tree Trimming San Antonio article.

1. Tree stumps can pose a danger to people's health and also pose an insurance risk.

It doesn't take much for a stump of a tree to become dangerous. There are very few benefits to leaving a stump in place.

2. Tree stumps can damage garden machinery

Many lawnmowers are thrown away every year because of bent crankshafts. A lawnmower blade hitting a tree stump can cause it to break.

3. Tree stumps make garden maintenance hard work

It takes more to mow your garden or weed it than if there are stumps. That's both time and money.

For gardeners:

  • A person with a disability
  • Aging older
  • Gardening is new!
  • How to raise a family
  • Renting a property with a backyard

The Royal Horticultural Society suggests removing fiddly places to cut down on time and effort.

4. Tree stumps are able to shoot new growth and rob soil nutrients

New shoots aren't always visible at once. They come back often, and this can affect garden aesthetics and soil health.

You may be unaware that your soil is leaking nutrients to your roses. Unplanned growth can ruin the view.

5. Tree stumps damage to property values and property value

Today, garden surveys are an integral part of selling and buying a house. A surveyor will check for evidence of root system damage to foundations, pipes, and walls.

It is because there are many things that can be done before stumps run out of nutrients. Stump removal is often the best option. Be mindful if the property value is an issue.

6. Space - Landscape gardening and tree stumps

Tree stumps can take up valuable garden space which could be used to create something new, like:

  • Picnic table
  • Install a new flowerbed
  • A long lawn

There are very few people who have enough garden space. Make sure to make the most of yours.

7. Tree stumps could become home to unwelcome fungi & insects

The tree stumps' decayed wood is a breeding ground for several toxic fungi, as well unhelpful insects and pests. Honey Fungus, Armillaria, can take hold and spread its threads (rhizomorphs), and attack and kill perennial and woody plant roots.



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