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What is Reflexology and how does it work?

Mar 26

What is Reflexology and how does it work? 

There are many things to look into, but this article will provide the basics.

What is reflexology exactly?

Pressure is applied to certain reflex points on the foot in reflexology. These points correspond to specific organs or areas of the body. It is believed to cause healing and alleviate some diseases.

Reflexology is one of the most well-known types of massage. The benefits of reflexology go far beyond their feel-good effects. They are also a practice and a purpose that goes deeper than skin and muscles. Treatment involves a variety of movements, including kneading on the soft fleshy ball of your foot, pulling on the toes, and pressing down into the arch.

Reflexology is different from foot massage.

While these treatments might look similar, there are important differences. Both can be extremely beneficial. These are the benefits of a foot massage as opposed to a reflexology treatment.

Massage Therapy is the manipulation and relaxation of tissues to relieve tension, improve circulation, and relax the muscles. This can improve overall well-being and health.

Reflexology is a massage using pressure points to stimulate the flow of energy. The majority of the treatment is focused on the feet but can also include the ears and hands.

You might be wondering if there are many benefits to this type of treatment.

What are the advantages?

Reflexology can help with everything from headaches, sinus problems, and stomach issues. It is common for sensitivity and tenderness to be felt when stimulation is done. This is often a sign that there are bodily imbalances or weaknesses in the affected organ.

Reflexology, which involves repeatedly applying pressure and manipulating nerve endings to release blocked energy, can be used to do this. It works by moving the flowing of blood, nutrients, nerve impulses, and other fluids. This results in better overall health and balance.

Additional benefits are possible:

  • Get rid of all toxins
  • Increase your immune system
  • Increase circulation
  • Promote healing
  • Balance energy

What to expect at the spa

You're now ready to schedule a reflexology massage. You have a lot of information to learn about how to book a treatment. We will provide a comprehensive overview to help you understand the process and avoid any surprises.

Things you should know before you go

A reflexology practice must become certified to understand and use the meridians that correspond with each pressure point.

Reflexology is a common service offered by most spas. Massage Mesa makes it simple to find the spas you are looking for. Our search tool will help you find the right spa for you. You can also read user reviews and book your session online.

However, you may have questions about treatment. Let's discuss these.

How much does a Reflexology Massage cost?

Reflexology prices will vary from one spa to the next, just like any other massage or spa treatment. The price is almost the same as for a traditional massage. The cost for a 1-hour session is $40-90 and $30-50 for a 30-minute one.

What's a Reflexology Session like?

The treatment lasts about 30 minutes, but it could last as long as an hour. To discuss constipation and other issues such as tension headaches or trouble sleeping, it is a good idea to speak with your reflexologist prior to the treatment.

During the session, you will be clothed, seated, or laying down. The therapist may rub, press, and squeeze your feet. To relieve specific conditions, the therapist may focus on a particular area. She might concentrate on your toes if you have sinus issues. To strengthen every system of the body, the therapist might work on your whole foot.

Important Things to Remember

  • Do not eat immediately after the massage.
  • Avoid reflexology while you are pregnant. Consider a Prenatal Massage instead.
  • Drink water after the treatment to flush out toxins and lactic acids that build up during the massage
  • Seek medical attention if you have foot problems or an injury.

For more information about massage treatments, please click here. To see which massage is right for you, Massage Mesa also allows you to search for spas offering the best Reflexology in Surprise AZ.


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