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Advice on choosing a roofer

Apr 2

Advice on choosing a roofer

Do you need a roof replacement? Roofing Service is the company for you. We have helped many homeowners and businesses keep their shingle loyalty.


You can save thousands by taking a few minutes. We are here to protect your home from water penetration through attics and into living spaces. Call us today for more information on how we will keep your building dry during heavy rainy seasons.


It can be hard to choose a roofer, as your roof is so important! Roofers Fort Wayne has provided the following tips to help you make the decision.


  • At least three bidders should be requested. If you can, request bids from at most three contractors. Set up a meeting with the roofer responsible for the job.

  • It is your house so you can ask any questions you wish. Ask them about the materials they use and why.

  • After you have received all quotes, put them together and review what each one has to offer. Your trust in the contractor and the quality of each quote will help you make a decision.

  • You must ensure that all documentation (including bids, contracts, or the 14-day cooling-off period) is received in writing

  • Ask for an insurance-backed warranty (exempt repairs) for any new work. This will protect you in case your roofer goes out of business.

  • Estimates can be altered once the roof is removed. If the roofer uncovers additional issues, they must share the revised cost with you.

  • Before you start work, you should agree on payment arrangements. Before you agree to pay, we recommend that all work be done in its entirety. This way you can both confirm that you are happy with the job and that your contractor left the site clean. A Deposit Protection Insurance Policy purchased through your contractor can protect 25% of your contractor's contract value if they request a deposit.

  • If you need to get a price quote for more than 25% of your roof, contact building codes. You can find more information here.

  • Avoid paying cash, if at all possible.

While roofing companies are generally worth considering, not all have the same level and expertise. These are the pros


  • Professional who is qualified and will give you an estimate, not just prices.

  • They may also be able to explain how products work for different situations. This could help you find the best one for you!

  • It is important that you get information from several companies before making any commitments. This is because it could be different from the material (wood shingles vs. asphalt), color choices, CCTs and so much more when choosing something personalizing.


If you are looking to hire a roofer it is essential they are insured and licensed. With just one click, homeowners and businesses who are in search of qualified contractors for professional services can locate them via the Better Business Bureau website or their state department.


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