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Drywall repair: DIY or hiring a professional?

Apr 3

Drywall repair: DIY or hiring a professional?

The best insulation and shelter is drywall. You don't have to do much to poke holes in drywall. If your drywall is damaged, do you repair it yourself or call in a professional to help? The obvious answer is "Yes." You should check the painting experience of any hired team. For those who love to tackle household projects on their own, you might consider taking a look at this.

How serious is the damage?

Before you hire a contractor to fix it or you do it yourself, you need to determine the extent of the damage. These damages can take many forms, including scratches, indentations as well as holes of varying sizes, and mold. As you might expect, the more serious the damage, the better it is to hire a professional for drywall repair. The Drywall Repair Houston is a popular service. Understanding the different levels of damage can help you to understand why.

Jobs that are small and temporary

Most drywall damage is caused by small holes or dents. They are also the most affordable and easiest to repair. A professional can help, but most people can handle small patches on their own.

To fix tiny dents or nail holes, you only need some spackle, a putty knife, and sandpaper. Finally, you will need paint. Fill the indentation, smoothen it, let it dry, then sand it down to flush the material to the wall.

It's a bit more difficult to fix larger holes in drywall (about 3 inches wide) but it's still fairly simple. For around 10 dollars, you can purchase a complete patch kit. This will include everything you need. This kit contains a patch as well as joint compound, putty, knife, and sandpaper. The first step is to place the adhesive patch on top of the hole. Then spread the joint compound evenly on the patch. Once the compound is dry, you can sand it down and paint it over it. This type of small drywall repair can be done by anyone.

Larger Holes

The bigger the hole is, the more difficult it will be to repair. However, you can repair these yourself with the right tools. Instead of just patching these holes, you'll need to cut out new pieces of drywall. This can be used to replace the damaged drywall. To do this, trace and cut around your hole. You can then stick the new part into the hole using joint tape and cover it again with a joint material.

Sometimes, however, drywall requires additional reinforcement when the hole is large enough. Here is when it may be wise to hire an expert. To make sure that the new piece can be properly screwed into place, furring strips must be placed behind each hole. The joint tape is then applied over the edges to conceal any cracks and secure the bond. The joint compound is again spread over the patch.

Severe Injury

Sometimes the damage is too severe for you to ignore and call the pros. Sometimes, large holes in the wall may mean that it needs to be completely replaced. However, holes aren’t the only issue. Water damage can slowly deteriorate drywall from the inside.

It is possible to remove and replace the affected section if it is caught in time. However, it is important to identify the source of leakage. If the damage is severe, the wall may not be repairable. This job should not be attempted by amateurs.

The Verdict

Most cases of drywall repair are simple. To get the job done, you only need to have the right tools. If you aren't confident in your abilities, there is always someone who does this for a living. Drywall Repair Houston is happy and able to repair or replace drywall regardless of the extent of the damage. We will paint over it.

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