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Carbon Tint For Your Car

Aug 19

The advantages of Carbon tint are many. It prevents sun bleaching and ensures that your GPS, satellite radio, and mobile phone signals clear, while also giving your vehicle a smooth look. If you're trying to make your car look newer and more stylish the tint is an excellent option. This tint reduces reflection and shields your vehicle from damaging UV rays.

Carbon tint reduces sun bleaching

The benefits of using carbon tinting your car's windows are numerous. It blocks 99 percent of UV rays and prevent interior cracking or fade. There are two kinds of carbon window film Carbon and CXP. The CXP series is non-metal and uses nano-hybrid carbon technology. Carbon film is black and has an attractive, rich appearance. Both films block 99 percent UV rays.

If you're looking to have privacy carbon tint is the perfect choice for the windows of your car. It's much darker than dyed films , and can reduce sun bleaching by as much as 40 percent. Carbon films are costly compared to dyed films but could be worth the cost. Carbon window film can also provide some protection against interior heat and glare, but it's less durable than dyed film and is not so effective as other forms of window tint.

It blocks harmful UV rays

The sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiations can cause significant damage to human skin. They cause damage to the skin's cells, causing age spots, leathering and wrinkles. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation this radiation can cause as high as 90 percent of skin cancers. UV waves can cause discoloration of leather and fabric. Your vehicle could be exposed to as much as 85% harmful UV rays when driving in sunlight. Window tints can shield you from these harmful rays and are very efficient in protecting your vehicle's interior from UV damage.

Window tints block 99 percent of harmful UV rays that the sun sends out. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tinting as part of a complete skin care program. One study revealed that those with window tinting experienced a 93 percent decrease in the rate of skin cancer. Window tints are also attractive and help maintain the temperature of the car.

It ensures that GPS, satellite radio, or mobile phone signals unaffected

Plastic, wood, drywall, glass and even plastic all can interfere with cell signals. However, copper, silver and aluminum can interfere with signals. Window tints containing copper, silver, or aluminum can create interference with wireless devices such as GPS devices and toll road transponders. Try switching to a carbon-based tint if you are concerned about interference with mobile signals.

Carbon-based films are superior in heat rejection and glare suppression and help to keep GPS, satellite radio and mobile phone signals intact. They are also non-reflective, helping to minimize the fading. Carbon tint's non-metal structure ensures that your satellite and radio radio channels clean. You can even select specialty mirrors for a striking style statement or a subtle clear film to keep the appearance of your car. One of the more technologically advanced ranges includes the SunTek CeramicIR Series. The products are a combination of carbon and ceramic technologies to provide unparalleled ultraviolet and heat resistance.

The car will get a matt look.

A carbon window tint is one of the most expensive varieties of tint that can be found for your vehicle. The tint gives your car a matte appearance and protects it from harmful UV Rays. It also keeps your car cooler in the winter months and warmer during summer. Carbon tints are bonded to the windows, preventing scratches. This tint blocks 90percent of the harmful UV radiations, and is particularly efficient in protecting your windshield.

You can protect your matte finish by washing your car with a pH neutral shampoo. This will get rid of road grime, dirt and other particles. Avoid using wax or paint sealants to clean matte finished cars, as these can harm the matte finish. There are two ways to safeguard the finish of your car. The first option is to purchase a special matte-specific film. This will safeguard the finish of your car while making washing much easier and more matt.

It's extremely difficult to eliminate it.

It can be frustrating when you have to remove a window tint while the film is in good shape. Although heat techniques work great but bubbling films look unappealing and can result in the formation of a glue mess. The problem can be solved with a chamois or other non-metallic scraper. This can make it simple to take off window tints in a short duration.

The glue can be softened by using the heat gun, a razor blade, or hot knife. Make use of a glass cleaner for taking off the glue remnants. To melt any glue left using a heat gun. After that, remove the window tint film. Make sure you use a new razor blade. Clean your window thoroughly prior to installing a new tint film.


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