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Five Points in Raleigh, NC

Aug 19

Are you in search of an ideal neighborhood in which to live? Five Points is Raleigh. This historic, charming neighborhood stretches across Fairview Road and Glenwood Avenue through Whitaker Mill Road. It is the home of the Rialto Theatre and beautiful 1920s-style homes, Five Points is a charming area where residents and tourists alike can enjoy everything from organic pizza to craft beer. Here are a few of the most sought-after neighborhoods to call home in Raleigh.

Five Points

If you're looking for a fun and historical place to live You'll surely love the neighborhoods that comprise Glenwood Avenue, Whitaker Mill Road and Fairview Road. The historic area is surrounded by beautiful 1920s housing, along with the Rialto Theatre, which was built in the 1940s. This neighborhood is perfect for those who love organic pizza and craft beers.

Holly Springs

Holly Springs, North Carolina is a town within Wake County. The population of Holly Springs, North Carolina was 41,239 as of the census of 2020. It was 67% more than the population of the census in 2010. Residents are able to reside in homes and apartments, and take part in many outdoor activities. There are many bars, restaurants, nightlife and major universities in the town. Residents are known for their community spirit and the strong faith they hold in their religion.

Glenwood Avenue

The Five Points are a group of Raleigh neighborhoods near the intersections of Glenwood Avenue, Fairview Street and Whitaker Mill Rd. These five neighborhoods feature different styles of architecture, easy access to downtown Raleigh and a wide array of amenities for residents. There is a broad selection of restaurants in these communities, including The Point At Glenwood, Mandolin and Hayes Barton Cafes, Tupelo Honeys, Bloomsbury Bistro and NOFO at The Pig.

Kiwanis Park

The newly constructed Kiwanis Park will be open on Saturday. The park has been in construction for around an entire year. It now has the addition of a playground, basketball court, and a neighborhood center. The park was created with a grant of $300,000. the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh. The park is located at 2525 Noble Road, Raleigh. The park is open for visitors to enjoy a picnic or to play. Visit Kiwanis Park's website for more information. Kiwanis Park website for more information.


Five Points is a great spot to shop in Raleigh, NC. The area is great for those who wish to eat healthily and also shop local. The shopping center has an array of healthy and organic food stores, as well as farmer's markets. There are plenty of other options for fresh produce. If you would prefer to purchase fresh produce from a local farmer there's the option of finding a farmers market.


If you're looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Raleigh, North Carolina, you should check Five Points. This upscale neighborhood is full of unique dining options. There are plenty of options for vegetarians as well as those who just want to taste local cuisine. Local farms are available that are organically grown or locally made, in addition to eating establishments.


Raleigh has the city's public schools, which include 54 and the city has 105 private schools. They are home to 17% of the city's students in grades K-12. The tuition average for an independent school in Raleigh is $12,168. In contrast, the average tuition for other cities of North Carolina is $7,838. Be sure to take into consideration the tuition fees and curriculum of private schools if you're contemplating a private school for your child.

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