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Apple acknowledges AirPods Professional points and replaces those who crackle and rattle

Are you making strange noises on your AirPods Pro earbuds? You don't imagine – and you are not the only one.

Just a few months after Apple With the AirPods Pro shipping out, some users noticed that one or both of their earbuds was rattling or crackling. The noises reportedly got worse and worse as the user moved and sometimes didn't develop for months of use.

Apple didn't say too much about it initially, but would normally replace crackling earbuds if you took the time to get assistance. A few people here at TechCrunch had the rattle on our own AirPods Pro buds on their minds … only to pop up again in the replacement.

It seems that the problem is widespread enough to be officially recognized: Apple today launched an AirPods Pro Service Program (as first highlighted by Mark Gurman) specifically for swapping out crackling buds.

A newly released support page describes the possible symptoms, both of which indicate the problem is related to the noise cancellation system:

Crackling or static noises that increase in noisy environments, while exercising, or on the phone
Active noise cancellation is not working as expected, e.g. B. a loss of bass noise or an increase in background noise, e.g. B. Road or airplane noise

Apple notes that only units manufactured prior to October 2020 are affected, which suggests that the issue has been resolved for units now rolling off the line. The support page repeatedly states that defective units will be "replaced" rather than "repaired". So in most cases, the turnaround should happen pretty quickly.

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