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Authentic Content material Podcast: Invoice Murray's allure can't disguise the unhappiness of "On the Rocks".

"On the Rocks", a new film about Apple TV + focuses on a troubled marriage between Laura (a writer played by Rashida Jones) and Dean (a startup executive played by Marlon Wayans). When Laura Dean suspects cheating on her, she asks her father Felix (Bill Murray) for help.

The film unites Murray with his director "Lost in Translation", Sofia Coppola. Thanks to its seemingly effortless charm, it can sometimes feel light as a feather – it's hard to resist Felix singing or devouring caviar during an impromptu stakeout in a bar full of strangers. The script and the performances also make it painfully clear that he let Laura down as a father and that her disappointment has not gone away.

While we were discussing the latest installment of the Original Content podcast, we loved seeing beautifully captured footage of Murray and Jones in classic New York City bars and restaurants. We were a little less pleased with the ending, however, which doesn't really do justice to all of the delicate emotional issues the film poses.

Aside from reviewing "On the Rocks," we'll also discuss Netflix's upcoming US price hike and the new trailer for the pandemic thriller Songbird.

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And if you want to move on, the episode does the following:
0:35 Listener answer "Emily in Paris"
4:50 "Songbird" trailer discussion
9:14 am Netflix price discussion
15:50 "On the Rocks" rating
33:00 Spoiler discussion "On the Rocks"

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