Authentic Content material Podcast: It's laborious to withstand the silliness of "Emily in Paris".


"Emily in Paris", a new series on Netflix, has generated skeptical reactions from real Parisians who like to point out the numerous stereotypes in the story of a young American (played by Lily Collins) who moves to a marketing agency in Paris at the last minute.

What follows are some fairly obvious moments of cultural conflict, as well as equally implausible storylines, in which Emily's extremely basic ideas about social media are treated as controversial and groundbreaking by her employer.

And yet, when we discussed the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, we actually found the show delightful – or at least very good to watch.

Yes, the show's Paris is a fantasy, but it's a fantasy we especially like to visit now. Yes, most of the characters in the series are basically cartoons, but they are entertaining and fun cartoons. And at the end of the day we're all fools to some subtle, fleeting romantic comedy, which is exactly what "Emily in Paris" delivers.

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