Behind the Assessment: A New Podcast from Yelp and Entrepreneur Media


Behind the Review features conversations with business owners and reviewers about their experiences – positive or negative – and gives listeners behind-the-scenes insights and real life insights.

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10, 2020

3 min read

It's no secret that customers want a positive experience, and business owners want to get positive reviews. With this in mind, Yelp is partnering with Entrepreneur, a leading publication for entrepreneurs and small business owners, to delve deeper into both of these in a new podcast titled Behind the Review. Moderated by Emily Washcovick, Yelp's small business expert, Behind the Review features conversations with business owners and reviewers about their positive or negative experiences, giving listeners behind-the-scenes and real-life insights.

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Hear from plumbers, florists, salon owners, restaurateurs, fitness entrepreneurs, and more about how they create unique customer experiences and provide you with takeaways that business owners in any industry can use for their own operations.

In one of our first episodes, you'll hear from Chris Goode, the founder and CEO of Ruby Jean & # 39; s Kitchen & Juicery in Kansas City, MO:

You have to listen because what you can't be is a know-it-all. When you have people who've spent their money on your business giving you real-time feedback, you need to listen. And sometimes it hurts to listen. It's like, "You could have been a little nicer, but you're right."

Through the reviewer's eyes, listeners get a firsthand report on the customer experience, not just what is written in their review. The podcast explores why they were forced to review the company in the first place, when an issue was fixed, what was unique about their experience, and what other business owners can learn from a customer perspective.

Going “behind the rating” tells you why some experiences lead to ratings – good, bad, and in between – and what that means for consumers and business owners alike.

Our starting line-up includes a florist sharing a truly unforgettable experience with a client and why it pays to go the extra mile. a teacher whose review of a new local place produced positive change; a heating and cooling specialist who takes the time to respond to customer messages within hours; and a make-up and beauty bar that celebrates diversity and uniqueness with customers.

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Special thanks go to Yelps Senior Marketing Manager Ali Schwartz for composing the podcast title.