Benchmark fills out his financial institution with Miles Grimshaw


Benchmark, The famous venture company has brought on a fifth general partner: Miles Grimshaw, 29, a Yale graduate who will join Thrive Capital, where he also joined a team of four other partners in 2013 to help them to help raise the company's fourth and fifth funds (per Forbes).

From his position as general partner at Thrive in New York, Grimshaw had closed deals in some of today's hottest startups and served on their boards including Lattice, Mapbox, Benchling and Airtable to meet fellow investors at Benchmark.

He represented Thrive on the board of Benchling – whose software helps laboratory scientists manage their biotech research – with Eric Vishria, a former entrepreneur and operator who joined Benchmark in 2014 as a general partner.

Grimshaw also represented Thrive on the board of directors of cloud collaboration software company Airtable with Peter Fenton, who became Benchmark's longest-serving general partner that year when famous VC Bill Gurley began to leave his active position with the company. (Fenton was poached by Accel back in 2006.)

And Grimshaw was on the board of directors for Sarah Tavel of Benchmark, who was poached by Greylock in 2017. That company is Supergreat, a two year old beauty fanatic in New York City, building a community of visitors who become reviewers and then buyers.

Supergreat is one of the newest bets from Benchmark. Earlier this month, it was announced that Benchmark was leading the startup's Series A round valued at $ 6.5 million.

Prior to hiring Grimshaw, Chetan Puttagunta was Benchmark's newest general partner, who joined the company in 2018 from New Enterprise Associates, where he worked for more than seven years.

Benchmark announced this summer that it would bring a fifth partner on board, who will likely complete the company's list for now. As Fenton told us back in September when he sat down with us at our TechCrunch Disrupt event, Benchmark “can't scale. If we have more than six partners, the company doesn't work that well. "

Fenton spoke at length about how Benchmark actually sees the makeup of his team. If you're curious to learn more, you can watch the interview below.