Biden Guarantees to Request 100 Days of Masks Sporting to Fight Covid-19


WASHINGTON — Joe Biden said Thursday that he will ask Americans to commit to 100 days of wearing masks as one of his first acts as president, stopping just short of the nationwide mandate he’s pushed before to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The move marks a notable shift from President Donald Trump, whose own skepticism of mask-wearing has contributed to a politicization of the issue. That’s made many people reticent to embrace a practice that public health experts say is one of the easiest ways to manage the pandemic, which has killed more than 275,000 Americans.

The president-elect has frequently emphasized mask-wearing as a “patriotic duty” and during the campaign floated the idea of instituting a nationwide mask mandate, which he later acknowledged would be beyond the ability of the president to enforce.

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To be fair to the Obamas, everyone has to endure moments when their kids misbehave. Kids will be kids. Some children of politicians do far worse things than little Sasha Obama’s social distancing / mask wearing gaff, like accepting questionable directorships with allegedly corrupt foreign companies.

Perhaps President Obama will put his foot down and exert some discipline, by insisting his kids social isolate with the family in the expensive low lying sea side villa President Obama purchased late last year. Daddy Obama could put the family social isolation time to good use, by educating his kids about Covid safety and sea level rise.

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