Cardi B reveals why she created non-public account on adult-entertainment website ‘OnlyFans’


Various Instagram models use their platforms to post teasing pictures or videos of themselves which then diverts their fan base to an adult-entertainment website called OnlyFans, where one is required to pay a subscription fee for said Instagram model’s content on the site. 

Until now no globally renowned celebrity had joined the site, however, rapper Cardi B recently announced that she has launched a new account on OnlyFans to share her opinions and content only with her fans. 

Cardi B recently spoke about her decision in an interview with Britain’s i-D magazine said, “I created an OnlyFans because people are stuck at home more, but also just because I wanted to be on an app where I can talk only and specifically to my fans. There are certain times – a lot of times, actually – when I just want to talk to my fans, you know, my people. I don’t wanna go live on Instagram or say my opinions on social media because people twist it and spin it.”

She further added, “There are certain things I want only my fans to see, you know? I want to be more open about my insecurities, what makes me happy and what makes me sad. I want to be extremely transparent. And I’m not even talking about my body, you know, just my life. I feel like not everybody deserves to see it.” 

The hip-hop superstar recently also claimed four chart-toppers, including her new song titled WAP. She had reached the Hot 100’s penthouse for the first time in 2017 with her song titled Bodak Yellow.