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The U.S. states reported 215,000 new coronavirus cases and at least 3,695 deaths on Saturday, according to a leading data index.

While the number of cases in the Midwest continues to decline, reported deaths are still more than three times what they were in October, the Covid Tracking Project reported.

The death toll is 50 percent higher than that of the worst northern spring in the region.

According to the CTP, the admission figures for new cases and hospitals are at a “very high absolute level”, but both measures have “flattened” in all regions.

On Saturday, California announced 40,622 new cases and an additional 669 deaths.

Texas recorded 20,530 and 381 deaths, while New York State recorded 19,469 new cases and 206 deaths.

With more than 2 million tests on Saturday, the seven-day test average for testing is at a record high, CTP said.

The CTP said data would be disrupted next week due to Martin Luther King's holidays on Monday and the presidential inauguration on Wednesday.

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"Some states have already announced future reporting delays," CTP said over the weekend.

Last week, the CTP asked the US government to release more data in order to get a clearer picture of the pandemic.

"Demographics from many states are surprisingly incomplete," wrote Erin Kissane, CTP co-founder, and Alice Goldfarb, director of CTP Racial Data Tracker, in The Atlantic.

"Even widespread information such as the age of patients at diagnosis or death is presented so inconsistently that it has been impossible to create a clear national picture," they added.

The project also asked for more detailed vaccination dates.

"The [US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] is releasing data on vaccine distribution and first doses – which is a good place to start – but have not yet released demographics," wrote Ms. Kissane and Ms. Goldfarb.