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Coronavirus on the newest: Argentina is the fifth nation wherein 1 million circumstances have been registered

Peter Wells in New York

The US reported more than 57,000 new coronavirus cases on Monday, a week's average, which has again reached its highest level since early August.

According to the Covid Tracking Project, states reported a total of 57,148 new cases, up from 48,922 on Sunday and 43,124 on Monday last week.

The most recent numbers, plus a handful of more than 60,000 fall days in the past week, have brought the national seven-day average down to 57,213 new infections per day. This is the highest rate since August 4, when the summer rise was in full swing – mainly in sunbelt states.

The biggest one-day gains included Michigan (5,004) and Kansas (2,113), which posted record gains but made up for the lack of reported data over the weekend. Tennessee saw a record increase of 3,317.

The Wisconsin Health Department performed "routine maintenance and updates" on its data reporting system that did not result in a daily snapshot over the weekend. When the authorities resumed normal duty on Monday, they warned of "larger sums in the next few days" as the backlog was cleared.

The Covid Tracking Project found 7,915 confirmed and probable cases for Wisconsin on Monday after two days with no data, which in turn increased the national number.

That compared with 3,777 confirmed cases on Monday and a record 3,928 new confirmed cases on Sunday, as attributed by the Wisconsin Health Department.

The number of coronavirus patients in U.S. hospitals hit 37,744 on Monday, the highest since a summer outbreak in late August.

The national death toll rose to 456 from a six-day low of 393 yesterday, and about two-thirds of the average daily rate last week.

Monday numbers tend to be lower than other days of the week due to reporting delays on weekends.

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