Coronavirus on the newest: The US navy is to obtain 44,000 vaccine doses for workers with excessive precedence


Canada is the third country to have approved the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech in preparation for the first shots next week. The companies will ship up to 76 million doses to the country, which has recorded 429,035 cases and 12,867 deaths since the pandemic began.

In an unusually emotional speech in the Bundestag on Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany had to enter a tough lock before Christmas in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus and referred to the "alarming" number of people being treated for Covid-19 Intensive care units and the increase in deaths.

Nicola Sturgeon, the first Scottish minister, said at her daily Covid-19 briefing on Wednesday that the UK should "learn lessons from research" that suggests travel should be done from there England and overseas was the main driver of a second wave of coronavirus infections in Scotland and Wales.

The largest increase in unemployment in the UK since the pandemic started has been among youth. However, older workers are also disproportionately likely to have been on leave or made redundant and many have left the labor market. Evidence from previous recessions suggests that they will have the most difficulty finding a new job

AT&T has received at least three offers valuating the satellite division's DirecTV unit at more than $ 15 billion, a fraction of the amount the US telecom giant paid in a high profile deal Five years ago, the pandemic put a heavy strain on AT & T's media business.

The United Arab Emirates, the first foreign country to approve a Covid-19 vaccine developed by the state-owned Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, reported an effectiveness of 86 percent according to interim results of a phase 3 study. The announcement is a strengthen Beijing's ambitions to start his pharmaceutical company.

DoorDash reached a market value of nearly $ 60 billion on its public trading debut dramatic increase for the U.S. food delivery company whose business flourished during the pandemic. DoorDash's shares were trading at $ 182 on Wednesday – nearly 80 percent above their initial public offering.

Hedge fund DE Shaw has acquired a substantial stake in ExxonMobil and is pushing for the oil company to cut costs Shareholder pressure Just days after another mutual fund proposed a boardroom restructuring and energy companies struggled to cope with the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.