Dez says he examined optimistic simply earlier than kick-off


BALTIMORE – Raven's broad receiver Dez Bryant announced on Twitter that he tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of his much-anticipated reunion with the Dallas Cowboys Tuesday night.

Shortly after his tweet, the Ravens announced that Bryant had been scratched from illness.

Bryant was warmed up on the field about two hours before the game, but he was absent when Baltimore had his whole team warm-ups.

He said earlier this week that he was excited to face his former team.

Bryant, 32, was a three-time Pro Bowl player during his eight seasons with the Cowboys. He had a total of 531 receptions for 7,459 yards and a franchise record of 73 touchdowns. He was released in a 20-minute session in April 2018.

After Bryant joined the Ravens exercise group on October 27, he was added to the active squad four weeks later. In three games, Bryant had little impact on the NFL's 31st passing attack, scoring four catches for 28 yards.