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Fb removes Trump and Biden adverts, saying they may mislead voters

Facebook said Tuesday that it had removed ads from Trump and Biden's presidential campaigns that could potentially mislead voters in states where early voting has not yet started.

The ads were bought by the campaigns over the weekend as part of a last-minute effort to secure Facebook ads before the end of Monday. Facebook recently announced that it would not accept any new political ads in the week leading up to election day, but would continue to serve ads that were previously purchased.

Trump and Biden's campaigns did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Megan Clasen, a media advisor for the Biden campaign, tweeted that Facebook had told her office that it would not be able to run ads asking people to vote by saying, "Election day is tomorrow" or "Election day is today." She then referred to a similar Trump campaign ad that said, "Election day is today."

Several hours after journalists and Biden campaign officials contacted Facebook, the Trump campaign ad was removed. Facebook said the ads were misleading because they could be seen by voters in states where voting is not currently open.

"As we have made clear in our public communications and directly in campaigns, we are banning ads with the words 'Vote today' without additional context or clarity," said a Facebook spokesman.

Facebook had previously announced that it would not check political ads. However, the company announced it would remove advertisements that could mislead voters or provide incorrect voting information.

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