In line with US Fertility, affected person information was stolen in a ransomware assault


United States Fertility, one of the largest networks of fertility clinics in the United States, has confirmed it was affected by a ransomware attack and that data has been collected.

The company was founded in May as a partnership between Shady Grove Fertility, a fertility clinic with dozen of locations on the US East Coast, and Amulet Capital Partners, a private equity firm primarily investing in the health care sector. As a joint venture, US Fertility now has 55 locations in the United States, including California.

In a statement, US Fertility said that the hackers "acquired a limited number of files" for the month they were on their systems until the ransomware was triggered on September 14, before hacking the victim's network for ransom encrypt. Some ransomware groups will post the stolen files on their websites if their ransom note is not paid.

According to US Fertility, some personal information such as names and addresses were collected in the attack. Some patients also had their social security numbers taken. However, the company warned that the attack might contain proprietary health information. Under US law, this may include information about a person's health or state of health, such as: B. Test results and medical records.

Upon reaching, the amulet spokeswoman Melissa Sheer declined to comment or answer any of our questions.

U.S. Fertility did not provide why it took more than two months to publicly announce the attack, but said in the notice that the disclosure was not delayed at law enforcement requests.

This is the latest attack on the health sector. In September, one of the largest hospital systems in the US, Universal Health Services, was hit by the Ryuk ransomware, forcing some affected emergency rooms to close and turn away patients. Several other fertility clinics have been targeted by ransomware in the past few months.

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