Marc Morano: We are going to transfer from COVID Lockdowns to “Local weather Lockdowns” below Biden


Climate Depot editor Marc Morano warned Biden and the Democrats that they are using the COVID lockdown model to prepare for "climate locks" in an interview with FOX News host Tucker Carlson.

"Harris Polling CEO complained that the climate went from high-level to penultimate of all topics in his poll last year," said Morano. "So they freaked out that nobody speaks and nobody cares about the public climate." "What they're trying to do, you've seen Biden escape with" Build Back Better ".

You are essentially trying to use the COVID lockdown model for the climate emergency model. And they will move from COVID lockdowns to climate lockdowns, ”Morano said. "Senator Merkley (D-OR) came out today calling on President Joe Biden to declare a national climate emergency that would give him emergency powers to bypass democracy, much like the governors of the blue state have already done the COVID lockdown, ”said Morano.

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