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MG Siegler talks about portfolio administration and fundraising 6 months after the COVID-19 pandemic

This week, General Assembly Partner (and TechCrunch alum) MG Siegler joined us on Extra Crunch Live for a full chat about what it takes to foster a good investor-startup relationship, how portfolio management and investing will go over the course of the COVID-19 Have changed the crisis. and what Siegler expects will not and will not remain in terms of behavior change in investing and entrepreneurship once the pandemic is over.

We last met Siegler after investing in Universe, a mobile-focused startup building e-commerce businesses. The coronavirus pandemic was relatively new and no one was sure how long it would last or what containment measures would look like. Now, with a few months of experience, Siegler told me that, from his perspective as an investor, things have developed relative to a new normal – sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better, but mostly only with differences that need to be adjusted.

This selected transcript has been edited for length and clarity. Aside from the section headings, all of the following text comes from MG Siegler's answers to my questions.

Business implications of managing the pandemic after six months

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