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Native wind farm affecting your well being? An Irish household has simply acquired a withdrawal of € 225,000

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h / t JoNova – The floodgates could open in a legal battle over the health of wind farms. An Irish family claiming the health effects of a wind farm that opened 700 meters from their home just received a € 225,000 payout.

The brothers and sisters from Cork, who lived near the wind farm, arrange promotions for € 225,000


Two brothers and a sister from the same family who claimed to be ill due to the noise, vibration and shimmering shadows of a wind farm in Cork have settled their lawsuits in the High Court for a total of 225,000 euros.

Laura David and Jack Kelleher claimed their family had to leave their farm in Gowlane North, Donoughmore, Co. Cork four years ago after a 10-turbine wind farm went into operation just over 700 meters from their property.

In the High Court today Laura (15), David (17) and Jack (10), who now live eight miles from the family farm, settled their lawsuits for a total of € 225,000.

The settlements without assumption of liability were approved by Ms. Justice Leonie Reynolds and took place after the mediation.

They claimed the noise, vibration, and shimmering shadows from the turbines located a little over 700 meters from their family farm caused them to suffer from various diseases.

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My heart goes out to the Kelleher family. It is strongly believed that infrasound from wind turbines causes significant health problems.

From a 2018 study;

An overview of the possible perceptual and physiological effects of wind turbine noise

Simon Carlile, John L. Davy, David Hillman and Kym Burgemeister

This overview takes into account the type of noise produced by wind turbines, with an emphasis on low frequency sound (LF) and infrasound (IS) to understand the usefulness of the sound measurements people work and sleep in. A second focus concerns the evidence of mechanisms of physiological transduction of LF / IS or the evidence of somatic effects of LF / IS. While the current evidence does not conclusively substantiate the transduction, it is a strong prima facie case. There are significant open questions regarding the measurement and spread of LF and IS and their coding by the central nervous system that are relevant for possible perceptual and physiological effects. A number of possible research areas are identified.

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Obviously, it would have been better if the Kelleher family had never suffered this terrible intrusion into their lives, but a sizeable payoff could aid their recovery.

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