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Nervous? Watch Philadelphia rely votes in a dwell stream right here, that ought to assist

No matter who you support for president, it's a nerve-wracking morning as many states only get tens of thousands of votes. And perhaps no state is bigger than Pennsylvania where there are still more votes to be counted.

But if you are currently torturing yourself by reading an endless stream of tweets that only instill your fear, TechCrunch has some balm for you this morning.

See, a living stream of democracy in action. Here are the votes counted in Philadelphia courtesy of the Philadelphia City Commissioners:

See how un-twittering it is? It's calm, patient, and results-oriented. The video above is what you write about your annual self-assessment. It's the opposite of social media.

Seriously, some states have streamed parts of the counting process live, perhaps to increase confidence in the system. Jefferson County, Kentucky, Quartz noted, has been sending some streams. In Arizona, live video footage of the vote count is required, according to Copper Courier, and in King County, Washington, the streams are still active despite minor measures.

Democracy: Live even more now than before.

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