Newest coronavirus: Scientists reject calls to hurry up vaccination with fewer doses


Matthew Rocco

Midwestern states continue to report a decline in hospital admissions related to Covid-19, even as California and other parts of the country struggle with increased numbers of patients.

South Dakota had 341 people hospitalized with Covid-19, from a high of 607 on November 10 and the lowest since mid-October. This comes from the government figures published on Tuesday and the Financial Times analysis of the data from the Covid Tracking Project.

Iowa, which had up to 1,527 hospitalized patients as of November 18, reported 651 current hospital admissions for patients with a primary or secondary diagnosis of Covid-19.

In Ohio, 4,829 people were hospitalized, compared with 5,296 in mid-December.

Hospital stays in Minnesota rose from 1,040 the previous day to 1,060 on Tuesday. However, they remain well below a high of 1,840 on November 30th. Monday dates may be lower due to weekend delays.

A resident of St. Paul, Minnesota, carries donated Christmas presents. The charity Giving Tree On Grand is giving toys to families hardest hit by the pandemic

Minnesota is among a handful of Midwestern states that have taken steps to ease coronavirus-related restrictions, which were tightened as the disease began to recur this fall.

Michigan, Nebraska, and Iowa have also rolled back curbs, with officials encouraged by slowing hospital admissions and new infections.

This is in contrast to states like Pennsylvania, which had 6,151 Covid-19 patients in hospitals. That was below a high of 6,346 set last week, a sign that hospital admissions may level off, but that is an increase from 6,090 patients on Monday.

California hospital stays increased by 653 to 17,843 patients, more than any other point during the pandemic.

1,996 people were hospitalized in Nevada, the same number as 24 hours ago and the second highest number ever recorded. Hospital stays peaked at 2,025 on December 14.