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Peter Wells

Ohio was the sixth state to hit the half-million coronavirus milestone, bucking a trend among some of the most populous states in the United States that reported daily infections on Tuesday that were slightly below recent highs.

Deaths in these states – California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio, by population – were also lower than recent highs, and three of these states were below the seven-day average.

Here are the one-day numbers for these seven states on Tuesday:

– Ohio
25,721 cases and 81 deaths

The health department said on its coronavirus dashboard that Tuesday's update "has a backlog of approximately 13,000 antigen test records," going back to November 1. The authorities stated that the cases "were all mapped to their respective start dates and will be displayed this way on all dashboards that use the start date".

Discounting the "roughly 13,000" historical cases could set Ohio a new daily record. The state's previous daily record was 11,885 on November 23. On November 27, 17,065 cases were reported. However, this included a number of infections from the previous day that weren't counted as it was Thanksgiving Day.

With 510,018 confirmed cases since the pandemic began, Ohio is the sixth state to hit the half-million mark, behind New York and ahead of Georgia.

– California
23,272 cases and 112 deaths

The state reported a record 30,075 cases on Sunday, while the positivity rate averaged 8.4 percent over the past 14 days, the highest since late April.

There was an average of 119 deaths a day in California over the past week, despite the 209 deaths reported on Saturday, the second largest single-day increase in deaths since the pandemic began.

Medical team member Lilly Castro covers a patient with a gown in the Covid-19 ICU at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas

– Texas
15,103 cases and 181 deaths

This is the second largest one-day jump in new cases since the 15,182 infections reported on December 1. In addition, authorities have reported a further 415 historical infections, but these are excluded from the daily balance sheet.

Last Friday, the state reported 255 deaths, the largest one-day increase since late August.

– Pennsylvania
10,170 cases and 169 deaths

The state reported a record 12,884 cases on Saturday and has recorded an average of 140 deaths per day over the past week.

– New York
9,335 cases and 74 deaths

On Friday last week, the state reported 11,271 cases, the second largest increase in a day since the pandemic began and just 300 infections that have not been hit since April 15. For the past week, there has been an average of 70 deaths a day in New York.

– Florida
7,985 cases and 98 deaths

Florida reported 10,656 infections on Thursday last week, representing the largest daily increase since late July, taking into account times when data worth several days were delivered with a hit. The state has recorded an average of 102 deaths per day over the past week.

– Illinois
7,910 cases and 145 deaths

Like most of the Midwestern states, Illinois is seeing a declining trend in cases, hospitalizations, and even deaths. The latest numbers are below last week's average of 9,332 cases and about 176 deaths per day.