Observe dwell: What occurs in Charles Barkley / Phil Mickelson versus Steph Curry / Peyton Manning?


Charles Barkley has insisted that his golf game got better. We'll find out in a moment when he works with Phil Mickelson in a match against Steph Curry and Peyton Manning in Stone Canyon, Arizona.

The Match: Champions for Change will historically benefit black colleges and universities.

We'll cover the entire game, going hole by hole to see if Barkley's game can keep up with the cameras on.

Result: Barkley / Mickelson 4 on

No. 13: Par 4

Another missed opportunity for curry and manning. A three-putt turns a needed win into a tie if Curry misses from 6 feet.

The best part of the hole? Mickelson asked Barkley if he had a sandwich in his car and Barkley's uncomfortable assessment of himself after a bad wedge approach. In the moments when Mickelson isn't speaking, Barkley was predictably entertaining.

Result: Tied hole.

No. 12: Par 4

That was just ugly. Both teams fought their way through 12th place. How terrible? Mickelson and Barkley two putt for double bogey and still win the hole.

Result: Barkley / Mickelson win with double bogey.

No. 11: Par 4

Barkley and Mickelson went on a tour of the desert. That enabled Curry and Manning to finally get away with an easy win. You needed it.

Result: Curry / Manning win with Bogey.

No. 10: Par 5

A safe tee shot from Barkley enables Mickelson to swing away into the par 5 on the second shot. Barkley, right on the leading edge of the green, has a long way to go for the eagle.

Phil Mickelson just said they need to accelerate the pace and gave Charles Barkley a 900-word breakdown of the upcoming shot on the par-5-10. Phil speaks many words today.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, ESPN.com47m ago

Another failed bunker shot from Manning / Curry results in another lost hole.

It is approaching that TIME that @philmickelson will rise to that W for @jacksonstateu pretty soon! #IBELIEVE #TheMatch

– COACH PRIME (@DeionSanders) November 27, 2020

Result: Barkley / Mickelson win with birdie.

No. 9: Par 3

Barkley walks sideways – literally – off the tee. It's the dirtiest word in golf – shank.

💀💀💀 pic.twitter.com/zxSRGSwons

– Toptracer (@Toptracer) November 27, 2020

Observe at your own risk.

Yes, we can even track Charles Barkley's thighs 😂 pic.twitter.com/KNy5uhiBZe

– Toptracer (@Toptracer) November 27, 2020

Tom Brady, who had to listen to Barkley play golf as Brady played with Mickelson against Manning and Tiger Woods in May, had some worries.

This is turrible Chuck … https://t.co/fFsY4fCxx4

– Tom Brady (@TomBrady) November 27, 2020

Barkley is forced to play Mickelson's ball and has pounded it with a nice touch within kick-in range for a par to tie the hole. You go on the back nine with a 3-up lead over curry / manning. But again, Charles' game is slowly starting to crumble.

Barkley / Mickelson make the 3rd round on Curry / Manning. But Chuck's game begins to leak oil. Mickelson, who hasn't stopped talking since he turned on the microphones, will have some serious work to do on the Back Nine.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, ESPN.com1h ago

Result: Tied hole.

No. 8: Par 4

Mickelson shoots his tee shot into the desert. It hits a rock and almost bounces back into the fairway. "I own the place," says Mickelson, who literally owns Stone Canyon. Despite the friendly rebound, Curry and Manning finally get another hole after Barkley misses a par putt from 4 feet. Maybe you hold off the Law & Order reps for a while. Barkley's game is getting a little shaky.

Result: Curry / Manning win with par.

No. 7: Par 5

The curry / manning chaos continues. At the par-5, Manning hits a solid drive and Curry hits a good layup. Wait … a layup?

"You are 3 down and you lie down?" Mickelson asks in disbelief.

Then Manning throws his wedge into the bunker. Curry and Manning stall again as they stand a chance to take over the lead from Barkley / Mickelson. Instead of winning one hole, they lose another with an ugly double bogey.

"Prepare these Law & Order reps for about five holes (from now on)," says Barkley, suggesting that his team put these away prematurely.

With all the craziness of 2020, there is hope. Charles fixed his golf swing! Something. Is. Possible. #TheMatch #TNT

– Jerry Hairston Jr. (@TheRealJHair) November 27, 2020

Result: Barkley / Mickelson win with par.

No. 6: Par 3

With the help of Barkley's TNT teammates – Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, and Kenny Smith – Curry was on the show to harass Chuck. Curry and Manning finally had a chance to improve. Shaq with the best one-liner as Barkley pursues his birdie putt: "If you can't read words, how are you going to read green?" Even after Curry hits a perfect tee in the short par-3, they don't take advantage of it. Manning lips out of 5 feet to stay 3 down.

@ PhilMickelson got Chuck some @ SHAQ golf balls. 😂 #CapitalOnesTheMatch pic.twitter.com/OTTwpStpro

– Golf Digest (@GolfDigest) November 27, 2020

Result: Tied hole.

No. 5: Par 4

It's not going well for Manning and Curry. After Curry missed the green as the team approached, Manning airmailed a green bunker. Then Curry chops up the chip behind the green. To make matters worse, they need to listen to Mickelson, who talks more about how well he and Barkley are executing their plan. "We won holes so quickly that we have to slow down," said Mickelson.

@PhilMickelson is definitely doing a great job coaching Charles. Charles has definitely been working on his golf game. #CapitalOnesTheMatch

– Jermaine Dye (@JermaineDye) November 27, 2020

Result: Barkley / Mickelson win with par.

No. 4: Par 4

Mickelson and Barkley came up with a strategy. (And Mickelson isn't shy talking his way through every decision, shot, and scenario). But it works. Barkley with another iron in the fairway will help create an easy par. Curry and Manning are still jiggling, and if Manning's par putt misses on the low side, another hole is lost. Not only does Barkley play well, his black pants and black shirt wardrobe attracts rave reviews from someone else known for the look.

Glad to see Chuck channeled his inner Black Knight with his black clothing today. Let's go Chuck & Phil #TheMatch

– GARY PLAYER (@garyplayer) November 27, 2020

Result: Barkley / Mickelson win with par.

No. 3: Par 4

Mickelson with one of his patented "bombs" from the tee to get Barkley a look at Eagle. The Eagles missed, but Mickelson leaves in the 5-foot for another birdie and another win.

This will be fun, but 3 of these people want to find out why Phil Mickelson has his name on his bag! #The match

– Kip Henley @ PGA Looper (@KipHenley) November 27, 2020

Result: Barkley / Mickelson win with birdie.

No. 2: Par 5

Another iron for Barkley, another good result.

Fairways Hit: 2 of 2. pic.twitter.com/ZDrTiG3xva

– PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) November 27, 2020

The solid tee shot gives Mickelson an attempt to split the green in two. He brings it to the leading edge, leaving Barkley with a 90-foot eagle. He drops the lag putt 5 feet from the hole.

Peyton Manning might just have given Charles Barkley a new nickname: The Round Mound of Up and Down.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, ESPN.com3h ago

After Curry missed his birdie, Mickelson converts to more balanced things.

Result: Barkley / Mickelson win with birdie.

No. 1: Par 4

Sure, Charles Barkley and Phil Mickelson lost the first hole after Barkley's par putt slipped past. But let's focus on what's most important: there is no problem in Charles Barkley's swing.

Was that my husband Charles Wade Barkley who scored a draw on fairway # 1?!?!?!

– Michael Wilbon (@RealMikeWilbon) November 27, 2020

First stroke of the day and Charles Barkley hits an iron on the fairway. No really. "It's going to be a long day for these two young people right there," says Barkley as he drives to his ball.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, ESPN.com3h ago

Barkley said he worked hard on his game. And he walked all Tiger Woods with his first stroke and didn't even watch the flight of his ball. Instead, he immediately bent down to pick up his T-shirt.

Result: Curry / Manning win with par.