One America Information spreads debunked electoral claims.


President Trump tweeted Thursday about a report on the One America News Network reiterating Dominion Voting Systems' debunked claims about voting software.

It wasn't the first time in recent months that the president helped expand reports from the conservative cable outlet that has built a reputation for spreading conspiracy theories. In fact, the network appears to have become one of the president's most popular news outlets alongside Newsmax, another conservative cable news network. Neither network has scheduled the election for President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., while Fox News has.

In the past few days, One America News has produced a series of videos containing false claims about the integrity of the vote and allegations that Mr Trump won the election. Together, the videos have been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

YouTube says One America News is not considered an authoritative source of news and therefore the network's videos will not be featured prominently when users search YouTube for election information. The tech company added tags to several videos of the network, noting that the election had been set for Mr. Biden. YouTube also removed ads from the videos, but did not remove the segments from its platform.

"Like other companies, we are allowing discussion of election results and the voting process, and we continue to closely monitor new developments," Ivy Choi, a YouTube spokeswoman, said in a statement.

Twitter has also identified several One America News posts and coverage as misleading.

NewsGuard, which uses dozens of journalists and analysts to screen news organizations for reliability and trustworthiness, urges readers and advertisers to “exercise caution” with One America News and states that it “severely violates basic standards of credibility and transparency "And regularly" wrong or distorted information. "

One America News, based in San Diego, was founded in 2013 by California businessman Robert Herring Sr. The network that has hosted Mr. Trump's rallies live and non-stop has called itself one of the "biggest supporters" of the US President, whose interest helped pull One America News out of the dark.

Data on how many viewers the network has has been difficult to come by. Neil Ripley, a spokesperson for Comscore, a media metering company, said in a statement that the company could not report audience data for One America News because the network “does not meet the minimum reporting standards required for inclusion on national television metering by Comscore are required. ”And the network doesn't subscribe to Nielsen's television measurements.

Herring Networks, which owns One America News, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.