PhotoRoom launches the app for eradicating the background on Android


The French startup PhotoRoom is launching its app on Android today. The company has been working on a utility photography app that will allow you to remove the background of a photo, swap it for a different background, and enhance your photo.

And it already worked well on iOS when the company entered Y Combinator, doubling its annual recurring revenue to $ 2 million, and bringing in a $ 1.2 million startup round.

Influencers and people who resell clothing and fashion items in particular have relied on PhotoRoom . They use their cell phone as the main platform for creativity. Like other professional photo apps, the startup relies on subscriptions to generate revenue ($ 9.49 per month or $ 46.99 per year).

PhotoRoom relies on machine learning to identify objects and separate them from the rest of the photo. This allows you to edit a specific part of your photo.

Credit: Photo room

When the startup increased its startup round to Y Combinator, it decided to increase from Nicolas Wittenborn's adjoining fund, Liquid2 Ventures, as well as from two groups:

A group of business angels focused on machine learning like Yann LeCun (Chief AI Scientist at Facebook), Zehan Wang (Head of Twitter Machine Learning Cortex, Co-Founder of Magic Poney), Nicolas Pinto (Perceptio Founder), etc.
Another group of business angels focused on mobile subscriptions such as Holger Seim (Blinkist), Jacob Eiting (RevenueCat), John Bonten (advisor to Calm and Spotify) and Eric Setton (Tango).

With this funding round, the company plans to grow the team from 3 to 8 people and work on its deep learning algorithm. If you want to learn more about PhotoRoom, please read my opinion on the product: