Pinterest checks on-line occasions with dedicated “class communities”.


Pinterest gets into online events. The company was spotted testing a new feature that would allow users to sign up for Zoom classes through Pinterest, while developers use Pinterest's class boards to organize class materials, notes, and other resources, or engage with attendees through a group chat option connect to. The company confirmed that testing online courses is an experiment that is currently under development, but did not provide any further details about its plans.

The function itself was discovered on Tuesday by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who used the app's code to find details about the online classes.

Currently you can visit some of these "demo" profiles directly, e.g. B. "@pinsmeditation" or "@ pinzoom123", and display the listed class communities. However, these communities are empty when you click through. That's because the feature hasn't been released yet, says Wong.

When and when the feature is later released to the public, the communities would have special sections where developers can organize their classroom materials – like lists of what to bring to class, notes, photos, and more. You could also use these communities to provide a class overview and description, connect users to a related shop, create a group chat feature, and much more.

Developers can also use the communities – basically expanded Pinterest boards – to answer questions from students, share photos from class, and otherwise interact with students.

When a user wants to join a class, they can click a book button to sign in and then receive an email confirmation with the meeting details. Other buttons instruct students to download Zoom or copy the link to join the class.

Credit: Pinterest screenshot via Jane Manchun Wong (opens in a new window)

It's not surprising that Pinterest is expanding into the online events space as its platform has become a popular tool for organizing remote learning resources during the coronavirus pandemic. Teachers turned to Pinterest to track lesson plans, get inspiration, share educational activities, and more. In the early days of the pandemic, Pinterest reported its use of records when the company saw more searches and saves globally than ever in its history in a single weekend in March, due to its usefulness as an online organization tool.

This growth continued throughout the year. Pinterest's stock rose sharply in October after the company outperformed sales and user growth metrics. The company had revenues of $ 443 million versus $ 383.5 million and increased its monthly active users to $ 442 million versus the expected $ 436.4 million. Aside from the coronavirus impact, much of that growth was due to strong international adoption, increased ad spend from advertisers boycotting Facebook, and growing interest from users looking for personalization ideas for the iOS 14 home screen.

Given the US failed to get a grip on the COVID-19 pandemic, many classes, events, and other activities will remain virtual in 2021. The online events market could also continue to grow in the following years, thanks. At the kick-start, the pandemic affected the entire industry.

"We're experimenting with ways in which developers can interact more closely with their audiences," said a Pinterest spokesperson when asked for more information.

Pinterest wouldn't confirm any additional details on its plans for online events, but said the feature is under development and the test would help determine the direction of the product.

Pinterest often tries out new features before making them available to a wider audience. Earlier this summer, TechCrunch reported on a Story Pins feature the company was working on. Pinterest started the feature in September. If the same timeframe applies to online events, the feature could potentially be more widely available early next year.