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Welcome to the TechCrunch 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! Do you need help with gift ideas? We are here to help! You can find our other guides here.

SURPRISE! It's December 23rd. As? Because time doesn't make sense anymore and the last week was really a month ago and April was yesterday.

Last minute shopping is always pretty awful, but especially this year. No one should give up their social distancing practices just to battle the crowd over an air fryer that has returned twice. Online retailers are now warning of shipping delays before December has even started.

Fortunately, there are subscription boxes and services. They are easy to order at the last minute, easy to give away as gifts and spread the gift fun over weeks and months.

Do you need ideas? Here are some inspirations:

For the puzzle / escape room fan: Hunt A Killer

Credit: Hunt a murderer

There was a (fictional) murder!

You have been contacted by a detective who needs your help and your job is to find out who is not through the process of elimination. Each month brings another piece of history through a box of puzzles, newspaper clippings, audio recordings, props, and other clues that will lead you to the criminal.

I did some of these sets with my family and we really enjoyed them to get lost in a fictional world for a few hours. The pace is such that no single box is a commitment of more than an hour or two. So you can stop by whenever you have the time. You can also speed up the next month's box if you don't want to wait. That's great.

Price: Varies, but with the six-month prepayment option, you can get a full game for around $ 165.

For craftsmen and scrapbookers: pipsticks

Credit: Pipsticks

Do you have a friend whose childhood love for stickers has never faded? Pipsticks send you a bunch of (really, really nice!) Stickers every month. They have a "Kids Club" plan specially designed for the little ones or a "Pro Club" package for anyone looking to spruce up their collection of journaling, scrapbooking, and craft stickers.

Price: Starts at $ 12 per month

For the dog owners: Barkbox

Credit: Bar box

Pampering dogs is fun. Barkbox offers you a constant rotation of treats and toys, all tailored to the theme of each month, like "Dogsgiving" in November or "Lick or Treat" in October. The boxes are tailored to the size of the dog and have a slightly more expensive "Super Chewer" box with extremely durable picks for dogs that chew through whatever you have in front of them.

Price: Starts at $ 23 per month

For the heavily caffeinated: coffee subscriptions

Credit: Tetra Images (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

There's a whole world of coffee to explore, but it's way too easy to pick up every bag that looks pretty and stick with that brand until the end of time. Do you have a friend who has been buying the same red plastic tub with a bottom for 10 years? Encourage them to branch out a little!

There are so many options for coffee subscription, but some that our team has tried and can vouch for are: YesPlz, Trade Coffee, Mistobox, Red Bay Coffee, and Angel & # 39; s Cup

Price: Varies

For those who want to read more: Book of the month

Credit: Book of the month

You check the books, you read them. Each month, you choose one of five cross-genre options that fall on your door. Do you have too little time and are not yet finished with the selection of the last month or just not with the selection of this month? You can easily skip a month.

Price: Starts at $ 50 for three months of books

For the new person (and their parents): Lovevery Play Kits

Do you have a friend with a newborn and don't know what to get? Lovevery takes the subscription box concept and dismantles it month after month for a child's first phase of life. For example, the newborn box focuses on high-contrast objects and things that make tummy time a little more fun, while later boxing comes with toys that help with finer motor skills like stacking and grasping. They also offer boxes for toddlers and introduce concepts like rhyming, matching, and counting. The boxes are a bit pricey, but the company goes to great lengths to keep things sustainable and child-safe.

Price: Around $ 80 per box

For the TechCrunch reader: Extra Crunch

Shameless plug time! Extra Crunch is our membership program, which allows us to delve deeply into topics such as hiring, building a business, and choosing the right investors. We regularly host Extra Crunch Live sessions where we chat with some of the biggest names in the industry and ask questions from the audience. Our EC-1 series gives readers a rare glimpse into the origins and strategies of some of the fastest growing companies. We just launched a gift option – check it out here!

Price: $ 75 per year

For those with a good handwriting: Maido in a box

Credit: Kinokuniya

My handwriting is a joke, but I still love a good pen. One of my favorite stores that I could just wander around – back when we could do that – is Maido. Owned by the Japanese bookstore chain Kinokuniya, Maido offers a carefully curated collection of pens and stationery in a way that is exhaustive but not overwhelming.

With the pandemic severely restricting aimless exploration of retail stores, Maido has started producing monthly themed boxes in which they bring their best merchandise to you. I've ordered a few of these so far and every box has been just wonderful. If you have a friend who has ever talked about their favorite pen for 20 minutes, this is for them.

Price: $ 35

For the green thumb: Succulent Studios

Credit: Succulent Studios

I love plants! Unfortunately, I also tend to kill plants pretty much instantly. I was very proud this year to grow a whole FOUR grape tomatoes before my tomato plant fell over and died. What the hell should I do with four grape tomatoes?

As a result, our house and yard are filled with all the succulents we can find – they're super pretty and, thankfully, incredibly difficult to kill. Many of us came from Succulent Studio, a service that finds wonderfully new plants (with fun names like Lime Sparkler and Superbum) and delivers them safely to your doorstep. If someone is beaten up on the way, they will teach you how to revive them. Otherwise it will be replaced.

Price: $ 16.50 for two plants per month

For the people who like wine: MORE WINE

A bottle of wine from a gift box. Still life.

Credit: Getty Images

As with coffee, there are so many different wines to try and so many different services that we want to help you taste them all. It's difficult to narrow down, but there are many services out there with a proven track record. Winc lets you take a quiz that aims to analyze your tastes and pair them accordingly. In the Cellars Wine Club you can choose a theme (imports? Sweet? Sparkling wine? Only red?). Vinebox ships wine by the glass in cute little test tube vials so you don't have to commit to a whole bottle. TechCrunch's own Darrell Etherington likes the Gargoyle Wine Club with the caveat that it only ships to Canada.

Price: Varies but generally around $ 60-80 per box.

For travelers who can't travel right now: try the world

Credit: Taste the world

One of my favorite parts when traveling is going to a local grocery store and trying all of the regional staples – all of the snacks, sweets, and other goodies that I've never seen at home. This type of exploration isn't particularly feasible in 2020, a year many of us haven't even left our own state.

As the name suggests, Try the World brings all of these goodies from around the world right to your doorstep. I had boxes of my favorite regional sauces, teas, spices, mustard and much more. The only catch? When you find something you love, figuring out where to buy more can be difficult.

Price: Starts at $ 40 per month

For the chic dresser: gentleman's box

As written by our editor-in-chief, Henry Pickavet, who, as I can confirm, is often dressed much nicer than me:

I consider myself a pretty decent dresser. I tend to lean on ties, tie clips, pocket squares, and the like to dress up a button-down or gray jacket.

But the choice! The sheer number of accessories, color schemes, and fancy layers can be overwhelming. So I was really excited when I came across Gentleman's Box.

Every month I receive a small box of five to six items: a tie and a pair of socks, and a combination of a random mix of a number of other things that change from month to month, such as: B. a tie bar, cufflinks, a pin and a pocket square. I also received a couple of watches, a couple of sunglasses, a wallet, a tray for small items, and a money clip. Lust, right?

Each box also comes with an editorially curated booklet that includes details on how the month's selections fit together, as well as pictures of customers showing their merchandise in the wild. I'm looking forward to the end of the pandemic for a number of reasons, and this list says I can get back out there and don my eagle.

Price: Depending on what you're looking for, the price ranges from $ 35 to over $ 100 per box

For the player: an all-you-can-play service on the platform of his choice

Credit: Microsoft

Why are you only giving them one game when you can give them access to tons of games? Many of the big names in gaming are now offering on-demand Netflix-style gaming services, and they're pretty darn solid actually. Sony has PS Now (check out Horizon Zero Dawn, Hollow Knight, and the God of War series if you haven't already), and Microsoft has Xbox Game Pass (Gears 5! MotoGP 20! Celeste!). Even Apple is fun with Apple Arcade – if you dive in there be sure to check out Beyond a Steel Sky, one of our favorite things to do of 2020.

Price: PS Now and Xbox Game Pass are each $ 10 a month (but cheaper if you pay upfront), while Apple Arcade is $ 5 a month