President-elect Joseph Biden is alleged to have chosen Ron Klain of the Revolution as the brand new chief of employees


President-elect Joseph Biden has plucked Ron Klain, a longtime colleague and confidante and current executive vice president of the venture capital firm Revolution, as his White House chief of staff, The New York Times.

Klain was Biden's chief of staff for two years during the Obama administration, and left his post as chief of staff in 2011 to join Revolution, the company founded by former AOL CEO and founder Steve Case. Revolution did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

When Klain makes his second entry into the White House, Biden will hire a chief of staff he has known for more than 35 years. The duo first worked together in 1989 when the President-elect Senator and Klain was a freshly graduated law student from Harvard Law School. Most recently, he served as the Ebola Response Coordinator in the White House from October 2014 to February 2015, helping as a debate advisor to President Obama and President Clinton as well as to candidates Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

Klain's appointment could ease some of the suspected tension that could arise between startups and the government under the Biden-Harris administration. Biden has been vocal about aggressive tech industry regulation that could negatively affect giants like Google, Apple and Facebook. Klain spoke (in TechCrunch!) About how regulatory hurdles could hinder important innovations in startup country. Klain also helped lead efforts for Higher Ground Labs, an incubator and accelerator focused on politically focused (and Democrat-loved) startups. This probably wouldn't hurt Big Tech, but it doesn't hurt that one of Biden's closest confidants reportedly has a soft spot for startups.