Report: AB destroyed the digital camera earlier than becoming a member of Bucs


Antonio Brown was accused last month by the community he lives in of breaking a security camera and throwing a bike at a security guard on Oct.15, the Miami Herald reported Monday, citing a police report.

Hollywood, Florida police ruled they likely had reason to charge Brown with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor, but the president of the Hollywood Oaks Homeowners Association declined to bring charges, the Herald reported. According to the report, President Sylvia Berman told police she feared Brown could "take revenge on her staff."

Berman told the Herald, "We're not afraid" of Brown, but instead the Hollywood Oaks Board ruled that the incident was not serious enough to be charged and that the now broad recipients of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers agreed to the repair damaged camera.

Alana Burstyn, a spokeswoman for Brown, told the newspaper that all issues between the Homeowners Association and Brown "have been completely and amicably resolved and everyone is getting along well". She added, "I'm not sure who is trying to promote this narrative."

The case was closed by the Hollywood Police Department on November 5, the Herald reported.

It is unclear whether the buccaneers were aware of the incident before agreeing to sign Brown earlier this month.

Brown has a history of outside of the field problems. Before joining the Buccaneers, he was banned from eight games for multiple violations of the NFL's Code of Conduct. He had been the subject of an NFL investigation after an artist who worked there in 2017 alleged sexual misconduct in his home. In June, he also made no plea for a battery-charged crime break and two minor misdemeanor charges related to a January incident involving a moving company outside his Hollywood home.

Brown has 10 receptions for 100 yards in the two games he played for the Bucs this season.