Restaurant search engine FoodBoss provides direct supply help from eating places


FoodBoss is designed to be something of a kayak for ordering groceries online – the place where you can search across different services and apps to find the lowest prices and fastest delivery times.

One caveat, however, is the fact that the service was limited to third-party services like Uber Eats and Postmates and there was no way to order in the restaurant itself – until recently with the introduction of a new feature called Restaurant Direct.

FoodBoss Michael DiBenedetto, Co-Founder and CEO, said restaurants are increasingly keen to take delivery and pick-up orders directly, both to save on the fees they pay for third-party services and to have a direct relationship with their customers.

"The main problem is that they spent all of this money building the (order) infrastructure, but they don't necessarily know that they have to spend marketing dollars to get consumers to their website or app," DiBenedetto said . "We really help here."

Credit: FoodBoss

Restaurant Direct can present some additional technical hurdles as FoodBoss has to be integrated with a variety of ordering systems. DiBenedetto said the company will connect using APIs in some cases and also work directly with restaurant IT departments.

He stressed that FoodBoss will remain agnostic about your order. The aim is simply to show you all of the options and highlight the ordering method that best suits your priorities.

"At FoodBoss, our focus is on making sure we are helping third parties and (restaurants) reduce overall marketing costs," continued DiBenedetto. "Everyone wants to be profitable on delivery."

The first restaurant available through Restaurant Direct is Lou Malnati in Chicago. In the next year, Sbarro will be launched in several markets. In a statement, Lou Malnati President Heather Stege said, “The challenge for restaurants is to serve customers through user-preferred channels while still delivering exceptional food. FoodBoss makes this easy by offering several options, including our own, to attract customers. "