TechCrunch Early Stage returns in an enormous means in 2021


What's next? That's the question we've been asking ourselves every day here at TechCrunch for 15 years. The answer mostly comes from the earliest stage founders. That's why we introduced a new event called TechCrunch Early Stage last year.

TC Early Stage is about giving founders access to top experts in all core competencies of entrepreneurship, from fundraising and marketing to operational business. It quickly became one of TechCrunch's most popular offerings, so it should come as no surprise that we're doubling down in 2021.

Next year we will host two TC Early Stage events (virtual), one on April 1st and 2nd and one on July 8th and 9th, each with different perspectives and contents.

This is how it works:

Fundraising, marketing and operations experts will be giving presentations to the audience with plenty of time for live questions and answers. These workshops span all of the startup speaker experience that includes early stage investors (many investors), legal experts, growth gurus, product market wallahs, tech stack experts, recruiting aces, and much more, including workshops on pitch breakdowns.

TechCrunch's goal is to provide founders with insights and new relationships comparable to having an accelerator experience in just a single day and with a much wider variety of experts and investors.

TC Early Stage is designed for early stage founders, from prep to Series A, when entrepreneurs need all the guidance they can get. With that in mind, the heart of the event is made up of dozen of breakout sessions conducted by experts and curated by TechCrunch editors. The breakouts will be lengthy with questions and conversations from attendees, and the event is structured so that attendees can easily reach six to eight different breakouts throughout the day.

Last year we had sessions on:

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We don't want to reinvent the wheel and we have no plans to fix what isn't broken. Expect more of this from our 2021 Early Stage Events on April 1st and 2nd and July 8th and 9th. You can get a single event ticket at the early bird price of $ 199 if you're an early stage founder and $ 299 if you're a future founder, investor, or just wanting more tools to add to your knowledge kit . However, you can save more by booking the double ticket for two events. There are different speakers and topics for each event, so you don't want to miss both!

I can't wait to see you there!