The brand new WUWT matter


Here is a thread anyone can use to list all of their complaints and even the occasional compliment about how the new topic works and how it looks.

We have received comments through emails and the contact forms, but here is a central repository for comments.

UPDATE – Posted by Anthony

I've already done the following to improve the look:

Darkened text in posts and comments from the original look to improve contrast. Activates our new comment system with which you can rate comments and edit them afterwards (see gear symbol). Put the blogrollMisc back in.

Note that I'll look at every comment, but I have no patience with people using an old browser (like Internet Explorer 8) or an old version of Firefox … or some strange Linux / Centos / Chromium variant that does not is compliant – we cannot help you there. If you are still working under Windows XP and complain about loading times, incorrect things, etc., please do not do so.

Now is a good time for everyone to update their systems to be in the present rather than the past.

I welcome comments on real topics and suggestions for improvement. With every change, there are some who don't like changes simply because of changes. I cannot help you there as we are trying to be more effective in a very ugly climate battle this year.

Thanks and kind regards,

Anthony Watts

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