The stability between private and professional life is straightforward. Work efficiently: reside!


With the right balance between health and economy, entrepreneurs can maximize their productivity.

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The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) conducted a study to determine which countries offer their workers the best balance between private and work life. The researchers took into account a number of factors, including average working hours, personal time, and the number of working mothers. In the end, the Netherlands took first place with a rating of 9.3 out of 10, while several countries in America gave it a very poor rating.

Failure to balance work and life can put your health at risk. In fact, many studies have shown that people who work long hours and don't have time for themselves are 33 percent more likely to have a heart attack and 13 percent more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, there are many ways you can balance your personal and business life to protect your health.

Put the following tips into practice that will change your life:

1. Eliminate unnecessary activities

Many entrepreneurs work longer than they should because they waste their time on unnecessary or low-value activities. Find out if this is your problem by recording a few minutes of your time for a few days. Then review what you wrote down and identify the activities that are not adding value.

Avoid distractions like checking social media or taking personal calls while you work. These activities may not last more than a few minutes, but they add up. You should also analyze whether you are wasting a lot of time on activities that someone else might be doing. For example, if you waste time going to the supermarket, you might be able to hire someone to do it or order the supermarket at home.

To find the balance between work and personal life, it is important to make the most of every minute of the day. By reducing non-value-adding activities like distractions and running errands, you can work fewer hours and take care of your health.

2. Schedule social activities on a regular basis

Studies have shown that active social life is important for health. People who isolate themselves from others increase their probability of death by fifty percent. However, it can be difficult to make time for social activities, especially when trying to start a business. One way to overcome this is to schedule recurring social activities with your closest friends.

For example, plan one dinner a month with a group of friends. Add this activity to your calendar and now you can organize your work schedule around dinner, not the other way around. This strategy is effective because you need to take the time to disconnect and have some fun with your friends. Think of this social activity as a meeting with an important customer that you can't cancel, no matter how busy you are.

3. Learn healthy ways to deal with stress

Being an entrepreneur is stressful. No matter how many activities you cross off your list, or how often you see your friends, you can't escape the stress. Chronic stress negatively affects the mind and body and can lead to dangerous health conditions such as cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. However, this does not mean that living under stress will shorten your life expectancy. The key to finding a balance between work and health is learning how to deal with stress.

Get in the habit of stepping back from stressful situations just to calm yourself down for a few moments and focus your thoughts. Suppose a customer sends you an email asking for something almost impossible. If you feel like your heart is racing and your blood is starting to spurt all over the place, get up from your computer and take a walk, even around your office. If you can walk, do it to calm the thoughts that have been building up in your head. Going for a walk, even for a few minutes, will reduce stress and bring clarity to your head.

Dr. Michael Galitzer, author and physician, recommends entrepreneurs take deep breaths to reduce stress. Place one hand on your stomach and one on your chest. Start breathing deeply from your stomach to fill your lungs with air. As you inhale and exhale slowly, focus on how your stomach rises and falls. This will allow you to focus on something other than what is causing you stress and will make it easier for you to calm down. Inhale until four, hold your breath for an additional four seconds, then exhale until four. Using either of these methods of dealing with stress can calm your mind so that you are better prepared for the situation that was stressing you out.

As a business owner, you're probably not used to putting yourself first. It is important to understand, however, that this does not mean putting your business aside. By following these tips, you can find the perfect balance between your work and your health and be more successful in the business world than ever before.