This entrepreneur desires to supply schooling to kids who do not need web entry


15, 2020

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Alejandro Gabriel's call on social networks on August 15, 2020 was overwhelming: "Support education in times of COVID Join us!"; and invited a briefing.

The surprise was that 200 young volunteers were enrolled, who today are devoting their time and knowledge to improving and shaping the primary and secondary content for the Department of Public Education (SEP).

Via Share Plus, a very simple digital tool created in Power Point, teachers from all over the country can download this content for free from the following link:, which can be shared by WhatsApp.

All Share Plus content is based on SEP textbooks and includes three modalities: primary, telekundaria, and technical and general secondary. In a next phase they will include high school.

The big differentiator of Share Plus is that once the content is downloaded, the internet doesn't have to work anymore. Because of this, public schools in rural or marginalized communities (who have computers but don't have access to the network) can get out of the education gap with Share Plus. In Mexico, according to Inegi, only 53% of households have an internet connection.

More than 500 teachers are currently using this digital tool, as Alex and his team have formed an alliance with sector number 9 of the Telesecundarias del Valle de Toluca. Each teacher has an average of 30 students, so more than 15,000 students interact with Share Plus content.

On September 5th of this year they launched a second call with the same message: “Support education in times of COVID Join us!”; and 100 more employees have joined. 65% of the volunteers are from Tec de Monterrey and the remaining percentage from 20 different universities. The anecdote is that only 30 people were expected for the first briefing.

“I was quite surprised by the great response from the volunteers who contribute their work to Share Plus. My greatest satisfaction is to see that there are so many young people who are concerned and aware of the educational situation in our country. Because they know that education is the future and that something has to be done now to support this sector, ”says Alejandro Gabriel, founder of Share Plus, in an interview for Entrepreneur in Spanish.

Alexander Gabriel. Photo: Courtesy

She started giving free English classes in her community

Alejandro Gabriel is studying on the Tec de Monterrey campus in Toluca thanks to the Leaders of Tomorrow scholarship, which requires a social project. In Alex's case, he joined Tec to teach free English classes in his community of Chapa de Mota, Mexico state.

He also ran an EdoMEx program called Young Peace Builders. Later, together with his colleagues from Tec, he organized conferences at secondary and secondary schools in the state of Mexico on social problems such as alcoholism and drugs, as well as on other topics for personal and professional development.

From Covid-19, Alex saw the opportunity to convert his conference project into Share Plus to contribute to education. “We want to help the education sector, which is already showing a significant delay. and with the pandemic, more was ignited. I started inviting colleagues from my campus first, they loved the idea and joined in. Then more people joined the calls we made on social networks, ”says the 21-year-old, a student in industrial and systems engineering.

Alex never thought that Share Plus would become a startup. This would not have been possible without teamwork. “What I like best is working with guys who are so committed that they don't expect anything in return. who only want to contribute to society ”.

Photo: Courtesy Alejandro Gabriel

How are you going to make this social project profitable?

Share Plus was introduced to foundations, parents or teachers. who download the content because they are of quality and really serve. The app is functional, simple and easy to use. Proof of this is the alliance with the Anacleto Guerrero Foundation, which has delivered tablets with the contents of Share Plus in the municipality of Las Tórtolas in Monterrey.

“In the future, we plan to make this social project profitable by bringing together more important allies like foundations to help us spread what we do. We are also looking for NGOs and companies that are interested in our content reaching more children. We will also generate the content that private schools need. We would also like to have publishers and museums as customers who want to get known through a model like Share Plus. "

Alex Gabriel's recommendation to our readers is to listen to people. It sounds simple, but getting your full attention to what the public is saying is quite a challenge because they are telling you yourself if you are on the right track. "People came to ask me, 'Hey, why don't you make the jump from a social project to a company?"

The biggest challenge for Alex is having the same educational system experts tell him, “What you do already exists; Why create something else? & # 39; & # 39; If you think you really have a differentiator and that it is worth what you offer, move on. Don't be discouraged. Believe in your project because they may close one door, but many more will open. "

This student from Tec de Monterrey wants to inspire others to develop similar tools that will contribute to the educational development of the country. “We are not trying to take the role of anyone, neither the teacher nor the program that the SEP is already implementing. We are an addition ”.

Finally, for those looking to receive scholarships from the Leaders of Tomorrow program, he recommends, “Try it, it's a long process. There are many demands they make on you. Interviews, exams and so on, but the price is pretty high. It changes your life. The approach that education within Tec gave me is phenomenal. It's like winning the lottery. It's worth continuing the process, "he concludes.