Thursday Night time Soccer FanDuel Picks: Suggestions for NFL DFS Lineup for Week 15 Chargers-Raiders Single-Sport Tournaments


The hopes of the Raiders playoffs hang by a thread in week 15. They are sitting at 7-6 and are desperate to win after some teams overtake them after a bad track in the wild card race. To keep up with the rest of the division, they must beat their rival, the Chargers, in a high-score shootout. NFL DFS owners must look forward to the potential for a high-scoring game, and our Week 15 FanDuel single-game roster had plenty of directions to go in during this competition.

All in all, we were interested in almost all of the high-priced players on this list, and since few midsize stocks looked appealing, we took a stars-and-scrubs approach. In the end, we started both quarterbacks in our lineup to give us all the temporary production of every offense, paired every QB with a WR, and used our MVP spot to accommodate the most versatile RB on that board. This lineup is a little flexible as we still have $ 1,500 left of our original budget. So if one of the many questionable players is excluded, we can turn to other options that could make this unit even better.

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FanDuel Single Game Tips: Raiders vs. Chargers

MVP (1.5x points): Austin Ekeler, Chargers ($ 13,500)

There were several worthwhile options for the MVP slot, but ultimately we chose Disgust because of its excellent matchup. Raiders have fought immensely against RBs this season, surrendering the third most FanDuel points and the most urgent TDs to the position. They've allowed no less than 100 rushing yards to RBs since Week 11, and in that competition they had the Chiefs assist a total of three TDs. You have been injured by the likes of Brian Hill, Ito Smith, Ty Johnson and Jonathan Taylor in the past few weeks, so there is little reason to believe that Ekeler will have any problems in this matchup. He's play safe and if he approaches the 20.3 touches he's averaged in his three games since returning from a hamstring injury, he could have a daunting day. We're going to be relying on him here as a contrary MVP choice that has just as many advantages as any of the QBs in this game.

FLEX: Justin Herbert, Chargers ($ 16,000)

Herbert has been cooling off in the past few weeks after a glowing start to his career, but one reason is because he's played against solid defensive coaches. The trio of Sean McDermott, Bill Belichick and Raheem Morris made life difficult for Herbert. Jon Gruden's team won't have the same luxury. Not only do they lack the defense personnel to keep up with the weapons in the chargers, but they also fired their defense coordinator Paul Günther this week. Failing to have a coordinator in a short week can create a mess. Herbert should therefore be ready to take advantage of this. In addition, Herbert has logged several TDs in eight of his last 10 games and this season averages just under 289 yards per game. He should be able to take advantage of this defense and build a solid statistical line, like he did last time (326 passing yards, 24 rushing yards, two TDs).


FLEX: Derek Carr, Raiders ($ 15,000)

Carr had a very good season for the Raiders and was one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the fantasy. He's had a few bad outings in the past few weeks, but the fact remains that he has multiple TDs in nine out of 13 starts and averaged 348.5 passes in his last two games. Carr only earned 14 FanDuel Points the last time he met the Chargers, but he'll almost certainly have to pass more of this matchup to take advantage of the Chargers’ largely porous defenses. The chargers have given QBs the ninth most FanDuel points this year, so Carr should have a chance on a very good day. If we pay for him and Herbert, we are most – if not all – guaranteed the passing yards and TDs in this game.

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FLEX: Hunter Renfrow, Raiders ($ 7,500)

Since we spent so much on the two QBs and Disgusts, we had to find some value options to fill out the rest of this list. Renfrow qualifies. He's not a great playmaker, but he has averaged 7.3 goals and 52.7 yards in his last three games. And the last time he played the chargers, he was 60 yards from only making two catches. The Chargers have been solid against WRs this year, but Renfrow is giving us the chance to create a chance for colons with Carr and has a high target floor. We can't pass this on, especially since there is only one charger-receiver that is worth less than $ 10,000.

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FLEX: Tyron Johnson, Chargers ($ 6,500)

Speaking of the devils, Johnson is the man we consider our bottom barrel game. With Mike Williams (back) looking highly questionable for Thursday's game, Johnson would prefer to play the No. 2 receiving role. After Williams' injury, he caught six passes for 55 yards and a TD against the Falcons, and Johnson scored a similar hit against a Raiders defense that earned WRs the twelfth most FanDuel points that season. Since we have extra money in our budget, if you like someone better, or if someone like Josh Jacobs is left out and Devontae Booker ($ 8,500) is put in a starting role, you can turn off Renfrow or Johnson.