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Trump says "no one will get hacked" however forgets his lodge chain has been hacked – twice

According to President Trump, who spoke at a campaign rally in Tucson, Arizona on Monday, “nobody is being hacked”. You don't need someone covering security day in and day out to call Bullshit when this happens.

“Nobody is hacked. To be hacked, you need someone with 197 IQ and they need about 15 percent of your password, "said Trump, referring to the recent suspension of C-SPAN's political editor Steve Scully, who admitted falsely claiming his Twitter Account was hacked this week after sending a tweet to former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

There is a lot to unzip in those two dozen words. Aside from the fact that not all hackers are male (and that's sexist to assume) and glossed over the two completely opposite sentences, Trump also neglected to mention that his hotel chain was hacked twice – once over a period of one year between 2014 and 2014 2015 and again between 2016 and 2017.

We know this because the Trump deal was required by law to file a notice with state regulators after each violation, which they did.

In both cases, customers of Trump's hotels had their credit card details stolen. The second violation was traced back to a third-party booking system called Saber, which also revealed names, emails, phone numbers, and more of guests.

The information did not specify how many people were affected. Suffice it to say, it wasn't "nobody".

A Trump campaign spokesman has not returned a request for comment.

It's easy to ignore what might be considered the throw-away line: saying "nobody gets hacked" may seem innocuous at first, but claiming it is dangerous. It's as bad as saying something is "not hackable" or "hackproof". Ask anyone who works in the cybersecurity field and they will tell you that no person or company can ever make such assurances.

There is no such thing as absolute security. But for those who don't know otherwise, it's an excuse not to think about their own safety. Yes, you should be using a password manager. Be sure to enable two-factor authentication whenever you can. Do the basics because hackers don't need an IQ of 197 to break into your accounts. All they need is you lower your guard.

When "nobody gets hacked," as Trump claims, one wonders what happened to the £ 400 hacker the President mentioned on his first run at the White House.

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