What we discovered about working from dwelling 7 months after the pandemic


With large parts The world was closed in March, we really didn't know how we would work from home a large number of employees who were used to working in the office.

In early March, I wrote an article on how to prepare for such an eventuality and spoke to several experts who had a background in software and other tools involved. But the shift was so much more than the mechanics of working at home. We made this transition during a pandemic that forced us to deal with a much wider range of problems in our lives.

But here we are seven months later, and we must certainly have learned a few lessons on the way to working effectively from home. But what do these lessons look like and how can we use this approach to work as long as this pandemic continues?

I spoke to Karen Mangia, vice president of customer and market insights for Salesforce and author of “Working From Home So The New Normal Works For You,” to learn about working from home early in our eighth month looks like and what we learned from it.

Stay productive

When employees moved home in March, managers wondered how productive the employees would be without being in the office. While many organizations have had flexible working approaches, this has typically affected a small percentage of employees who work from home, not the entire workforce. This presented challenges for management as the assessment of employee performance was largely based on being in the building during the day.

One of the things we looked at in March was putting the right tools in place to allow communication even when we weren't together. Mangia says these tools can help bridge what is known as the trust gap.

“Managers want to know that their employees are working on expectations and getting results. Employees want to make sure their managers know how hard they are working and that they are getting things done. I think the technology and the tools will help us close that middle trust gap, ”she explained.

She believes the biggest thing individuals can do right now is just to rethink and look for little ways to improve your work life as we probably won't be returning to the office anytime soon. "I think what we are discovering are the things we can use to improve the quality of our own experiences as employees, as learners and as leaders. These can be very simple adjustments Easy adjustments are important, "she said, adding that these could be as basic measures as buying a comfortable chair since the one you used at the dining table hurt your back.