What went viral this week?


Here at Daily Distortions we are trying to expose false and misleading information that has gone viral. We'd also like to give you an idea of ​​how popular this misinformation is in the overall context of social media discussions.

On Fridays, we offer lists of the 10 Most Engaging Stories of the Week in the US, as rated by NewsWhip, a company that compiles social media performance data. (NewsWhip tracks the number of reactions, shares, and comments each story receives on Facebook, as well as shares on Pinterest and by a group of influential users on Twitter.) This week's data runs as of 9:01 a.m. on Friday the 13th. November, through Friday, November 20, 9 a.m.

The election is over, but you wouldn't know from social media.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were full of engaging stories throughout the week of President Trump's attempt to discard the results of his unsuccessful re-election offer. Some of these stories have made completely false claims about voice-canceling computer programs and imaginary military raids. Others – like this week's list winner, a story by right-wing outlet The Daily Wire about a Georgia county that won countless votes during the state's recount – simply blow slight variances in the voting tables disproportionately. (The missing votes were the result of a reporting error, and there was nowhere near enough to offset Mr Biden's leadership in Georgia. Since then, state officials have confirmed the election results and confirmed Mr Biden's victory after finding no evidence widespread electoral fraud.)

Despite the abundance of election-related news, only about half of the top 10 articles on social media engagement this week were about politics. The other half? A mix of news about the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Christmas specials (which will be on TV this year, thank God), a green-lit sequel to the superhero film "Constantine" (starring Keanu Reeves), a story about a former MasterChef Junior winner , who died of cancer at the age of 14, and a story about a trio of black triplets who graduated high school with an average of 4.0 points.

Here is the full list:

The Daily Wire: BREAKING: Second Georgia County Finds Thousands More Votes, Majority Is For Trump (1,128,503 interactions)

Screenrant: Keanu Reeves & # 39; Constantine 2 Happened, Says Star (873,362 interactions)

ComicBook.com: "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and Christmas Specials That Eventually Airborne (869,846 interactions)

CNN: Joe Biden becomes first Democrat to win Georgia in 28 years (772,833 interactions)

The Blaze: Candace Owens Sues Facebook Fact Checkers for Defamation: "Time to Check the Fact Checkers" (663,117 interactions)

Los Angeles Times: The Holidays Are Saved! Charlie Brown Specials are at least aired on PBS (628,685 interactions)

CNN: Georgia is close to finalizing statewide voting, official says (537,081 interactions)

Washington Post: Georgia's Secretary of State Says Other Republicans Are Pressing Him to Find Ways to Suspend Legal Ballots (528,379 interactions)

HuffPost: MasterChef Junior star Ben Watkins dies aged 14 (508,233 interactions)

Black Enterprise: Triplets who completed Summa Cum Laude with 4.0 GPAs honored by their high school (507,260 interactions)