What went viral this week?


5th legal insurrection: female driver crashes car while turning the bird on Trump supporters (1,326,475 interactions)

A right-wing post about a video claiming a woman lost control of her car while making an obscene gesture to Trump supporters was joyfully shared by many Conservatives.

6. The Babylon Bee: Fisher-Price Releases My First Peaceful Protest Playset With A House You Can Actually Burn Down (1,231,167 interactions)

Another post from the right-wing satire attacking left-wing protesters.

7. Forbes: Trump threatens executive ordinance to prevent Biden from being elected president (1,217,425 interactions)

This Forbes story took President Trump's comment on executive ordinance abandoning the election of Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Whether or not Mr. Trump was joking is something to interpret.)

8. NBC News: 200+ Retired Generals, Admirals Support Biden (1,182,029 interactions)

9th NTD: 262 arrested, 5 missing children found at Gang Sweep in Oklahoma City (1,179,470 interactions)

This story from the NTD television station affiliated with the spiritual group Falun Gong was shared by many supporters of QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy theory movement. Stories of child trafficking often go viral in QAnon groups, which they use as evidence of their false belief that Mr Trump is breaking up a global cabal of satanic pedophiles.

10. The New York Times: Supreme Court Feminist Icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead At 87 Years Old (1,135,419 interactions)