Who’s James Robinson? Meet the uncovered rookie who gave Jaguar's motive to eliminate Leonard Fournette


A good example of the limits of scouting NFL players is the Jaguars backcourt, which recently swapped a former number 4 for an uncovered rookie who ran back from an FCS school.

Jacksonville has actually improved the running of the ball since James Robinson took over the duties of the high-profile LSU product Leonard Fournette. Robinson averaged 5.1 yards per carry this season, while Fournette averaged just 4 yards per dead during his three-year stint with the franchise.

Robinson finds success despite receiving less than $ 1 million a year. Fournette made nearly $ 23 million with the Jaguars and will make $ 2 million this year with the Buccaneers.

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Fournette is young enough to resurrect his career in Tampa Bay (or anywhere else), but it's still surprising to see that the team he left behind doesn't miss his presence at all. It is perhaps even more surprising that his successor is someone that even hardcore soccer fans have only heard of in the past few weeks.

Robinson can legitimize his hot start on Thursday evening against the Dolphins, who are apparently ripe for a below-average defensive performance at 0-2 and in a short break.

Here's a guide to the wild journey Robinson has taken to the NFL:

Where did James Robinson go to college?

Robinson visited the state of Illinois, where he destroyed FCS opponents at the Missouri Valley Football Conference. During his college career, he amassed 1,917 of his 4,462 career opportunities in the state of Illinois.

Illinois reached the FCS quarterfinals last season and lost that round to the FCS powerhouse North Dakota State. Robinson ran 94 meters in the defeat.

Here's a look at some of his college highlights:

Where is James Robinson from?

Robinson is from Rockford, Illinois, just over a two-hour drive from his hometown.

When did the jaguars sign to run back to James Robinson?

On an assumption by Jaguar's scout Marty Miller's wife, who helped him call potential uncovered running backs to sign in April, Miller asked Robinson whether the Illinois state product was still available. Sure enough, Robinson was without a team.

So Jacksonville grabbed Robinson and eventually gave him a roster seat and a starting job.

Why did Jacksonville cut Leonard Fournette?

Fournette was part of a larger squad cleanup that last brought the Jaguars into the playoffs. It was an attempt by the team to build a squad that doesn't loathe their front office and could usher in a more positive era of football after some difficult seasons.

Although Fournette did not bring his loud criticism of Jacksonville to the absurd level of former teammates Yannick Ngakoue or Jalen Ramsey, he certainly did not see the organization at eye level.

It was time for both parties to move on.

But the Jaguars' original plan probably wasn't to push Robinson into a feature-back role immediately after giving up Fournette. Robinson rose on the depth map when Devine Ozigbo and Ryquell Armstead were out. His play on the field (164 yards in two games) cemented his status as the first choice.