Why Sapphire's Jai Das Believes Salesforce Slack Deal May Be Profitable


Who says that Business software chats have to be boring? This is not the case, as we learned from Sapphire during our conversation with Jai Das earlier this week. This pleasant time touched a variety of topics including startup sectors, his investment group's capital base and of course the Slack-Salesforce deal.

Our conversation took place about an hour before the deal was officially announced, but the tea leaves had been read by the market well in advance so we could talk about it as if it had already happened. Which it became a while later.

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All of the chat with Das was interesting and good, but his comments explained why Slack's Selling to the bigger CRM giant stayed with me all week. Use Salesforce By acquiring MuleSoft (a company Das invested in) as Prisma, the venture capitalist discussed the pros and cons of selling to a larger company.

After realizing that as an independent company, MuleSoft may have had a bigger sales multiple in today's markets than selling it to Salesforce, Das explained the kind of boost a big company can bring to just a big company (quote) was edited and condensed ):

If you answer your question about Salesforce and Slack, Salesforce, like any large company, offers great value. When I spoke to Simon (Parmett) and Greg (Schott), former CEOs of MuleSoft, they were amazed at how much account control these large companies have with CIOs and CMOs.

MulesSoft would knock on the door to get a meeting with the CIO and it wouldn't happen. And you know the Salesforce management team would just make one call and Simon and Greg would present down to the CEO.

I think this is what people forget that these big companies have so much opportunity to increase your sales speed with big customers. (So) it makes a lot of sense that some of these (smaller) companies end up in Salesforce or SAP or Oracle or WorkDay.

Perhaps Slack will find more momentum under the auspices of Salesforce than as a solo project. We've spent most of our time talking about startups and smaller businesses. So hit the jump for the full video and a few more quotes that I transcribed for you.

Have fun!

Jai Das